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Play NewYork Beauty StudioNewYork Beauty Studio Game

Plays: 3978
Category: Customize
Do you want to be an attractive and confident girl? Welcome to NewYork Beauty Studio. It helps you get a perfect image, and make you stand out in the crowd. Beautiful dress, pretty makeup, stylish pose, and nice accessories, they are so attractive. Here you can work wonders, from choosing your skin color. Do not hesitate! Come to become a beauty!
Play Hidden DaisyHidden Daisy Game

Plays: 3960
Category: Puzzles
Find and click on daisy. Your goal is to find all 10 on every image. Use the hint for help.
Play Match2inMatch2in Game

Plays: 3926
Category: Action
Match pair of same symbols by clicking on them. It's that simple!
Play Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Hidden LettersAbraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Hidden Letters Game

Plays: 3912
Category: Adventure
Find out all the letter hidden within the Vampire Hunter Image
Play Flip ItFlip It Game

Plays: 3862
Category: Puzzles
Travel the world in this fast-paced puzzler! Visit 30 places on the map, and make a mirror image of colored tiles to complete each level. Start out slowly and advance your difficulty level as you progress. With 2 modes of play, 30 levels, and 3 difficulty levels, Flip It? is a whole world of puzzle fun! Instructions Click and drag on one of the rotating pieces and drop it in the correct location to create a mirrored image. See in-game help for detailed instructions.
Play Fifteen Puzzle PlaneFifteen Puzzle Plane Game

Plays: 3822
Category: Puzzles
The most famous among classical puzzle games! Reorder the image od the Monkey's plane!
Play Japanese Princess Dress UpJapanese Princess Dress Up Game

Plays: 3791
Category: Dress-Up
The birth of this beautiful princess was such a joy for her parents the queen and king of Japan. She is loved by everyone and therefore a spoiled girl. She grew up and now she is such a lovely young girl. There is always someone to fulfill all of her wishes. Her best friend is a cute cat and the two of them have so much fun together. Their favorite place to play and to have fun is this amazing japanese garden in the back of the castle. Your job is to take care of the princess' image and you must choose every day something suitable for her to wear. She has many kinds of dresses in her closet, some traditional and some more modern, so have fun and make her look at her best all the time.
Play Enchanting Bride ShowEnchanting Bride Show Game

Plays: 3738
Category: Dress-Up
A romantic wedding is beginning by the sea. Our leading role--beautiful bride Eartha is dressing. She wants to have a perfect seaside wedding and show her most beautiful image. Wow, the beautiful sea witnesses their sweet love. Design an enchanting bride image for Eartha.
Play Rotate N Rest - ValentineRotate N Rest - Valentine's Flowers Game

Plays: 3732
Category: Action
Arrange the pieces correctly to find out the image. To swap the position of a piece, just click on that piece and then on the neighboring one The quicker you complete, the more you score. Use Mouse to Interact.
Play Whack The PaparazziWhack The Paparazzi Game

Plays: 3716
Category: Action
Your task in this game is to whack the paparazzi with your wooden mallet as soon as you see them with a camera. Try not to let them get a picture off otherwise you could end up in the tabloids the next day looking mean with a wooden mallet. Which, you know, wouldn't look good for your upcoming film. Your quick reactions and heavy hand will help a great deal when it comes to fending off these annoying photographers.
Play NoahNoah's Ark Memo Game

Plays: 3711
Category: Education
Click on a tile to turn it over and reveal an image. Then select a second tile, trying to find the matching image. If the images match, the tiles are removed from the board. Try to see how fast can you remove all of the tiles. Good luck!
Play TurnStyleTurnStyle Game

Plays: 3669
Category: Puzzles
TurnStyle is a unique visual and memory based puzzle game where each of the 15 puzzles are original illustrations that follow a story arc. Every puzzle is made up of individual pieces which have been randomly rotated so that they are scrambled each time. You must work quickly and efficiently to rotate the individual pieces into the proper alignment before the timer runs out. There are easy, medium, and hard difficulty puzzles mainly guided by the amount of individual image pieces that make up each puzzle. Personal best records are stored locally for score and rotation count. Global high scores may be submitted to the Mochi Leaderboards if you complete all 15 levels. You are able to retry a level if the time runs out.
Play The Maze Game 2The Maze Game 2 Game

Plays: 3663
Category: Adventure
Steady hand is a must if you want to succeed in this maze. Small movements are needed with high precision and accuracy. By the start of the game you are given instructions to drag the pointer onto a green box. A big slanted yellow arrow will be pointing at it but will disappear at the instance the pointer is placed. The image is then replaced by an irregular shaped maze that is set on a black background. The mouse arrow changes into a hand pointer. The green box that you have dragged into will be the starting point of the maze. The gray maze is very simple at first, as you see a wide road to the end point. The green box will now be placed at that point. Your objective is to get to the end of the maze without having to touch any black areas of the maze. If you do, however, accidentally dragged the mouse outside the gray path, a single touch on the black pixel will finish the game and you will have to restart. The maze gets longer and narrower as your level increases. You will need to focus on the point of the finger because the hand itself will not be penalized if it goes out of bounds.
Play World War Z Hidden NumbersWorld War Z Hidden Numbers Game

Plays: 3649
Category: Puzzles
Find the hidden numbers in the image. Can you do it before time runs out?
Play BobiBobi FlowersBobiBobi Flowers Game

Plays: 3623
Category: Puzzles
BobiBobi has a surprise for you - a gorgeous, colourful bouquet. But to see it in full colour you have to put all puzzle pieces together so they will compose the image. The puzzle pieces come up on the screen one by one and we try to find their position on the main board.
Play A Monster in Paris - Objetos PerdidosA Monster in Paris - Objetos Perdidos Game

Plays: 3567
Category: Puzzles
Have fun playing this game base on the Movie a Monster in Paris, and find out hte hidden objects with in the image.
Play Fun HalloweenFun Halloween Game

Plays: 3536
Category: Dress-Up
Halloween is all around and everywhere now. What have you prepared for that day? How are you going to be this year? Do you want to see your image in advance?
Play Lilo stitch disorderLilo stitch disorder Game

Plays: 3533
Category: Puzzles
Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one.
Play Barbie DisorderBarbie Disorder Game

Plays: 3518
Category: Puzzles
Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one.
Play Phineas and Ferb - Find the DifferencesPhineas and Ferb - Find the Differences Game

Plays: 3513
Category: Puzzles
Check out the picture closely, than appear the other image closely? They are precisely the same? You are able to doubt about that. The first thing you see are two pictures side by side. As you might assume they may be each of the same, but your mission precisely would be to come across out where the two pictures differ. Most commonly the image on the left side has additional issues than the picture on the proper side. The following few actions will clarify you in detail how you can play the game and its guidelines. Firstly it is best to know that there is 10 pair of photos in this game. Each pair differs in five spots. You will be supposed to discover these spots so that you can continue towards the subsequent pair of pictures. You've 60 seconds to find these differences and to continue for the next image. When these 60 seconds run out and inside the exact same time you have not identified the five variations you are automatically redirected towards the similar pair of pictures and have yet another shot to pass the level. Moreover, you'll want to realize that you might have the correct to produce only five blunders on every single pair of images. When you click on a spot, exactly where there is no difference you happen to be losing a single of one's five blunders. Again of you make these 5 blunders and simultaneously do not find the 5 differences, you're redirected towards the similar picture and have one more shot to pass the level.

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