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Play Dragon Ball AlphabetDragon Ball Alphabet Game

Plays: 2649
Category: Puzzles
Goku is on a mission to find the Dragon Balls, for that you need to help him to find the hidden Alphabet so he can continue with his search.
Play Hidden HooksHidden Hooks Game

Plays: 2635
Category: Puzzles
You may undoubtedly get hooked when you have started playing Hidden Hooks! You can find five levels wherein you have got to find five hooks in a photograph taken below the sea. In case you get to locate a hook, click onto it together with your mouse. Do that till all five hooks happen to be found. Be careful not to click onto any other image or your game will finish. It gets tougher after you have completed one particular round, and time constraints are higher just after every prosperous round. So, have a blast!
Play The Slide Master - PorcheThe Slide Master - Porche Game

Plays: 2569
Category: Driving
Become the Slide Master and Checkout this funny slide puzzle with this beautiful Porche! To win the game you must click on the boxes until you piece together this nice picture.
Play SuperPuzzle: Nature (Aspens, Kaibab Plateau)SuperPuzzle: Nature (Aspens, Kaibab Plateau) Game

Plays: 2569
Category: Education
It's time for some real puzzle. Try this great puzzle with image of Kaibab Plateau, Arizona. See if you are a God's Puzzle or just a normal one. There are three modes: Easy mode 16 pieces, Hard Mode, 100 pieces, and the God Mode, 500 pieces.
Play Hidden SeahorsesHidden Seahorses Game

Plays: 2557
Category: Puzzles
Find and click on seahorses. Your goal is to find all 10 per image. Use the hint button if you need help.
Play Taxi Hidden AlphabetTaxi Hidden Alphabet Game

Plays: 2556
Category: Puzzles
At Hidden Taxi Alphabet you can choose between 3 images to start to play. At every image you have nice picture with taxi cars, where is 26 alphabets hidden between elements at the particular picture. The goal of this game is to find all hidden alphabets for given time. You have 300 seconds of each image to finish the game.
Play Iron Man NumbersIron Man Numbers Game

Plays: 2542
Category: Puzzles
This game is based in the last Iron Man Movie. You have to find all the hidden numbers within the image.
Play Super Mario - Find the DifferencesSuper Mario - Find the Differences Game

Plays: 2542
Category: Puzzles
As soon as you click the play button, a few Super Mario photos would seem side by side. Even though they appear specifically the identical, there are five differences, which you'll need to determine in an effort to win the game and move to the second picture. The differences are to become identifies in 60 seconds for you to win and move on to the subsequent picture. When you spot a distinction, just click on the exact same on any on the two pictures and also a part of the bar in the bottom on the screen marked correct would turn green. With each and every incorrect click, a a part of the errors bar would turn red. Should you click at 5 areas, which do not have any dissimilarity, you lose the game. You'll find a few similar images and you are expected to identify 5 differences between them in as less as 60 seconds. Determine all 5 to move on for the next image. The game consists of a total of 10 photographs for you personally to play with and get pleasure from.
Play Hidden BirdsHidden Birds Game

Plays: 2541
Category: Puzzles
Find and click on birds. Your goal is to find all 10 per image. Use the hint button if you need help.
Play Different Perspective (Spot the Differences)Different Perspective (Spot the Differences) Game

Plays: 2541
Category: Education
How does your brain process an image? Do two people’s brains, looking at the same object, process the object differently at different times? Let’s experiment and find out. Two people looking at the same images; How different are their perspectives? Game Features: 5 Fun Filled Levels 6 Achievements to Unlock
Play Snake PuzzleSnake Puzzle Game

Plays: 2538
Category: Education
The picture has turned into a snake... Can you make the snake turn back into the picture?
Play Xmas ShoppingXmas Shopping Game

Plays: 2535
Category: Education
Your husband, Santa had a car accident. Help him to do his Christmas Shopping in this cute hidden object game!
Play Image OutlineImage Outline Game

Plays: 2531
Category: Action
Simple and fun game. You shall shape picture using black ball. When you shape essential part of picture it will be open in color. Open all pictures to win. You can replay this game to see more pictures.
Play Stickman Scene MakerStickman Scene Maker Game

Plays: 2524
Category: Dress-Up
draw the stickman use the exist elements.Could save the image to local disk.
Play Photo HealerPhoto Healer Game

Plays: 2514
Category: Puzzles
Move the pieces in order to obtain the original image.
Play Hannah montana puzzleHannah montana puzzle Game

Plays: 2503
Category: Puzzles
Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one.
Play Tween Image MemmoryTween Image Memmory Game

Plays: 2499
Category: Puzzles
Find the other same pictures
Play Atom AnticsAtom Antics Game

Plays: 2496
Category: BoardGame
The new hit puzzle game - A real brain challenge Professor Twiddie's Atom Antics is addictive, entertaining and fun puzzle game. It's the ultimate brain challenge for you. Proof that you are genius. Help Professor Twiddie. Touch and slide the atoms around the playfield to match the pattern shown on the small image. 200 unique levels will keep you entertained for months. The game saves your progress automatically. FEATURES: ? Easy to learn, hard to master ? 200 Levels (more will come with updates) ? Auto-saves your progress ? Relaxing music ? Fun, fun, fun!
Play Sue Round PuzzleSue Round Puzzle Game

Plays: 2495
Category: Puzzles
Avata Star Sue Rotate Puzzle, Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one.
Play Christmas Tree ColoringChristmas Tree Coloring Game

Plays: 2491
Category: BoardGame
What is Christmas spirit for you? It’s time to create your own image of Xmas. Color this Christmas tree anyhow you like! Then you can save the picture and send it with your Xmas greetings to your friends!

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