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Play Mega PongMega Pong Game

Plays: 3785
Category: Action
A classic game with a twist. Battle against the computer while trying to survive against an obstacle course of bumpers, pushers and rotating objects that try to knock the ball in all directions. Upgrade your paddle for convenience, use consumables to your advantage and obtain power-ups to help you along the way.
Play D-StrikeD-Strike Game

Plays: 3759
Category: Action
Single-level, replayable shooter game. Difficulty and variety of enemies increase as the player progresses through the level.
Play Multiplayer CombatMultiplayer Combat Game

Plays: 3749
Category: Multiplayer
Multiplayer game where you try to destroy your opponent. Up to 4 players can play. When health reaches zero you are destroyed. Health reappears when new player joins.
Play Agent CombatAgent Combat Game

Plays: 3732
Category: Action
The enemies are trying to enter your country.. They are planing something big. So the American army sent his one fine agent to destroy enemy base and kill them all.. The objective of the game is to destroy base and kill all the enemies and get your base back..
Play UnicorridaUnicorrida Game

Plays: 3720
Category: Fighting
Unicorrida is a 2D arcade game where you are the "Matador" which has to strike down 6 different type of unicorns! Each unicorn has an unique behaviour which makes the player adapt to its combat style every time! Fight unicorns with Cape and Banderillas and collect Rainbows they drop to unlock and improve the "Matador" abilities (Speed, Life, Attack).
Play Trivia WarriorTrivia Warrior Game

Plays: 3580
Category: BoardGame
Play the best Trivia game ever, compare your score with your friends as you battle it out to see who is the best Trivia Warrior.
Play Kisses of the Gods of the RainKisses of the Gods of the Rain Game

Plays: 3553
Category: Adventure
The gods of the rain have been protecting the magic cities for a long time from attack of the enemies. The city lives in peace for more than 1000 years, but, the danger came back around it. Help the citizens of the magic cities to combat the enemies with their rains and their rays.
Play Samuraï TournamentSamuraï Tournament Game

Plays: 3551
Category: Action
The great samourai tournament begin ! Take your sword and defeat all challenger !
Play CacophonyCacophony Game

Plays: 3529
Category: Action
Cacophony is a steampunk game in which the player must defend Great Britain from the invasion of the Confederate States of America, with an emphasis on quick action and team-based combat.
Play Laden  VS  ObamaLaden VS Obama Game

Plays: 3502
Category: Action
Not to ascend the dead brother? He is not easy, you should be the biggest potential.
Play Tiny AirshipsTiny Airships Game

Plays: 3454
Category: Action
Fast paced, gameboy themed, steampunkish, retro SHMUP. Features: + Fast paced shoot'em up gameplay + Adventure mode with 15 exciting levels taking place in three different sectors of Metrocadia + 3 challenging boss fights + 4 Primary Weapons, 4 Secondary Weapons and 4 Airships can be unlocked over the course of your escape +Survival Mode +12 Medals to unlock + Nostalgia inducing retro graphics
Play Occident WarriorOccident Warrior Game

Plays: 3370
Category: Action
The days of Foriencia changed forever When the dark army of Ash arrived taking over the realms! All hope is on the Occident warrior to fight his way through 6 different world, learning new skills to defeat the evil Lord. The occident warrior is a cute side scrolling battle game with anime/comic style graphics.
Play Cool FightingCool Fighting Game

Plays: 3367
Category: Action
Fighting game, matrix light with slow motion, bullet dodging and more cool stuff.
Play Defend The BaseDefend The Base Game

Plays: 3339
Category: Action
Hurry Commander! Our aircraft base is being attacked by an unknown group, the only intel we have is that these guys are well trained in combat and flying. They are sending in their aircraft's to capture our base. It's time to try out our new defense weapon, power up the autobot! Defend The Base is an action shooter where you need to control the robot to shoot down the enemy aircraft's. There are 5 levels to complete which increase in difficulty as you progress.
Play Battalion: SkirmishBattalion: Skirmish Game

Plays: 3336
Category: Strategy
Take command of the mighty Warmachine and lead your troops to victory in the latest chapter of the Battalion saga. Battalion: Skirmish is a 1-level preview of Battalion’s improved graphics and game engine, which you will see featured in upcoming multiplayer and single-player Battalion titles this summer! In this turn-based combat strategy game, you must prevent the Warmachine, the new backbone of the Northern Federation forces, from falling into the hands of the traitor General Mullen. The Akadians are coming. Without the Warmachine, your armies will be powerless to stop them.
Play SwitchbladeSwitchblade Game

Plays: 3296
Category: Shooting
Top view air combat game
Play Battlefleet ChessBattlefleet Chess Game

Plays: 3247
Category: BoardGame
Star Wars meets Chess.
Play Gravity WarsGravity Wars Game

Plays: 3220
Category: Action
Gravity Wars is a turn based Puzzle/Combat game where you must use the force of gravity to bend your missiles toward your target. There are 50 levels in Puzzle mode to attempt, or jump into Battle mode and generate Random maps to play against your friends in hotseat mode, or against the Computer.
Play Candy BlastCandy Blast Game

Plays: 3217
Category: Other
Pep your aim and shoot hour with bright colored candies and enjoy some sensational 25 levels as you combat with moving walls and moving candies giving you a tough time. Have a hilarious time and give the much needed boost to your energy levels.
Play Cyber Mech MasterCyber Mech Master Game

Plays: 3196
Category: Action
"Cyber MECH Master" is new fighting game where machines are warriors. Tournament Mode for single player. Three levels of difficulty. To win the tournament you must defeat nine mech warriors. Versus mode is designed for the fighting 2 players.

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