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Scorched A Free Shooting Game
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Scorched Free Game

Plays: 15339
A 2 player only game where you use angle, wind and power to destroy your enemy
Zott A Free Shooting Game
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Zott Free Game

Plays: 15172
Zott is a fast paced top down space shooter. Make your way though six levels of aliens and increrasing difficulty. Reach the final battle and save the universe by defeating the empire of Zott. Collect blue powerups to increase you health, shields, weapons, and lives. Beat the highest score by collecting the most yellow powerups.
Days2Die A Free Shooting Game
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Days2Die Free Game

Plays: 15172
Survive the zombie outbreak, place barricades, buy weapons, hire mercenaries in this Side-Scrolling game
Air Battle A Free Shooting Game
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Air Battle Free Game

Plays: 15062
Physic based air shooter game.
FlashTowerDefense:SplitScreen A Free Shooting Game
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FlashTowerDefense:SplitScreen Free Game

Plays: 15046
You are in the command of a machine gun tower and you are raided by mad sheep and enemy warriors. Your mission is to shoot them down. This is a split screen version for two players on a single computer.
Bio Massacre A Free Shooting Game
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Bio Massacre Free Game

Plays: 15008
Terrorists taken over the government, you have to stop them!
Fruit Mania A Free Shooting Game
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Fruit Mania Free Game

Plays: 14997
You're a firefly stuck in a fruit fly world. Destroy fruit for points, chained kills = more points! Press the left and right arrow keys (alternate) when you get hit to attempt to get back up. Collect + shaped bonuses to reduce the amount of times you need to alternate.
50 Quickshot A Free Shooting Game
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50 Quickshot Free Game

Plays: 14978
50 targets, how fast can you hit them. Three levels of difficulty
Captain USA A Free Shooting Game
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Captain USA Free Game

Plays: 14836
Play as Captain USA and shoot all the enemy soldiers through various challenging levels to score maximum points.
Infiltration A Free Shooting Game
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Infiltration Free Game

Plays: 14831
Shoot and kill terrorists to retain the nuclear missles.
Target Shooting A Free Shooting Game
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Target Shooting Free Game

Plays: 14824
It’s a Target shooting game. My very first successful flash game v1.2
Diamond Quest A Free Shooting Game
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Diamond Quest Free Game

Plays: 14707
Gold-digger-style game, with no adding, soon there'll be a shopping and graphic upgrading engine!
Shoot and Catch A Free Shooting Game
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Shoot and Catch Free Game

Plays: 14650
Catch fruits and shoot bombs at the same time
Naruto Ramen Defender A Free Shooting Game
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Naruto Ramen Defender Free Game

Plays: 14515
Protect your bowl of Ramen noodles from attacking forces. Use the left mouse button to destroy the enemy.
Bubble Busting Frenzy A Free Shooting Game
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Bubble Busting Frenzy Free Game

Plays: 14466
Bubble Busting Frenzy is a fast paced Arcade game. Pop as many bubbles as you can in a frenzy of bubbles that will challenge the skills of even the best bubble poppers around.
ParaSpammer A Free Shooting Game
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ParaSpammer Free Game

Plays: 14428
Gameplay: Kill all spammers. Survive 25 waves and win, or compete other players in Survival mode for longest survival time. Game features: Sound and blood splashes could be turned off. Different types of enemies and allies. Four types of bonuses/powerups. Five types of "bad bonuses". Seven weapon types. Weapon overheat. Two play modes - Survival and Waves. In-game pause and pause when mouse out of game screen.
WarriorIsBack A Free Shooting Game
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WarriorIsBack Free Game

Plays: 14314
Player should move towards the Warriors and kill the enemies by protecting yourself.Using the keyboard buttons “W,A,S,D” you can move further and using the space bar you can reload your gun. Once you reach through the levels you will be finding new weapons. The game is end when the enemy fighter kills you.
Army Driver A Free Shooting Game
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Army Driver Free Game

Plays: 14304
Sargent, your driving skills are required but also remember you have a rocket launcher and a machine gun.
bunnybounty A Free Shooting Game
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bunnybounty Free Game

Plays: 14152
Imagine your classic whack-a-mole game only with steroids, and bunnies for moles, and they're really really hungry for the farm crops that you're hired to protect. You're a pest exterminator. Your specialty? Bunnies. Your clients?Angry, frustrated, and altogether utterly helpless farmers who struggle against endless waves of savage bunny barbarians who loot and plunder their farm yields. Scare off, deter and well, if you really have to, neutralize as many bunnies as you can with your trusty weapon!Good luck!
SeaSnake A Free Shooting Game
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SeaSnake Free Game

Plays: 14096
A sea snake chases after an unfortunate fish but has many obstacles in its way such as sharks, piranhas, octopi and many more. There are two modes of playing -' adventure' where you go through the levels one by one and 'non-stop' where you choose a level and try to get the highest score. This game is a mix of retro style games such as snake, helicopter and space invaders making it inherently addictive!

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