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The Lone Ninja A Free Shooting Game
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The Lone Ninja Free Game

Plays: 17163
Take control of The Lone Ninja in this fast paced action platformer. Fight evil samurai, dark ninjas and seductive geisha on a quest to overthrow the evil sorcerer shogun.
Aoyama Gones Wild A Free Shooting Game
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Aoyama Gones Wild Free Game

Plays: 17112
Aoyama is a nerd that was abused by some guys, he want his revenge but he needs an army. Some of the most powerful nerds are there in order to help him but they require that Aoyama had at least some "grays" with him, and you will help him to transoform the "normal people" into "grays".
KICK BUTT A Free Shooting Game
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Plays: 17094
Kick Butt is a fast game that will test your skills in flying an old plane shooting at various enemies. Watch out for the crossfire, pick up power ups and fly!!
Santa-Strike A Free Shooting Game
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Santa-Strike Free Game

Plays: 17029
Shooting game - Anti-Festive target practice fun. For those who have just had enough of Christmas already!
Lone Defender: The Blitz A Free Shooting Game
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Lone Defender: The Blitz Free Game

Plays: 16787
September 1940 - the sustained bombing of Great Britain by the Luftwaffe has begun. As one of few highly skilled anti-aircraft gunners it is up to you to defend the coast line against the coming assault.
Cannon Blaster A Free Shooting Game
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Cannon Blaster Free Game

Plays: 16744
Cannon Blaster, shoot your guy out of the cannons and into the sun! Watch out for the baddies! Fun side scrolling arcade game!
Choppa Poppa A Free Shooting Game
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Choppa Poppa Free Game

Plays: 16743
Move your mouse to fly around. Pop balloons to collect points and avoid danger.
Pumpkin Face-Off A Free Shooting Game
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Pumpkin Face-Off Free Game

Plays: 16546
Its time to cut out faces in pumpkins, however the pumpkins have other ideas. They are possessed by the vengeful spirits of many pumpkins before them! You will need to muster all your skills in careful accuracy and speed to battle them and successfully cut out enough pumpkins each level. Be careful of pesky ghosts which will block you as they pass. You will also find graffiti pumpkins which will try to act as decoys. In this spookily fun shooter you can try Rapid Mode for some steady action or fully test your aim with the tricky Cutout Mode. Great for Halloween but hauntingly good entertainment all year round too.
Turbo Supra GTA! A Free Shooting Game
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Turbo Supra GTA! Free Game

Plays: 16412
Ever wanted to own a Supra? Well, you own one now, but ALIENS are trying to shoot it to pieces! Protect your priceless Supra in this fast-paced action game.
Jack Van Cell - Stinger Sniper A Free Shooting Game
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Jack Van Cell - Stinger Sniper Free Game

Plays: 16394
You, Jack Van Cell, are part of an Underground Militia Group fighting against the forces of the growing population of Bio-robotic beings called the Stingers. Put an end to the Stingers Regime by completing the missions assigned to you by your contact.
Flash Conquerors A Free Shooting Game
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Flash Conquerors Free Game

Plays: 16057
Create units and gun towers to protect your castle from onslaught of enemy units!
Airborne A Free Shooting Game
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Airborne Free Game

Plays: 16050
Use the catapult to attack the balloons! They fly! Destroy them, have fun, achieve highscores.
Castle Clout A Free Shooting Game
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Castle Clout Free Game

Plays: 15957
Time the launch of your trebuchets' ammunition to cause maximum damage to the opposing castle and its occupants! Get bonus points by knocking off the soldiers heads!!
Hitstick 3 A Free Shooting Game
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Hitstick 3 Free Game

Plays: 15852
Select your missions, select your weapons, and try to stay professional. Take out your targets, acquire top secret information and escape.
Cannon A Free Shooting Game
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Cannon Free Game

Plays: 15805
Enemy balloons and dirigibles attack our town. You have cannon, which able to shoot balls into the sky. Try to hit enemy aircrafts and save the town!
The Strangers A Free Shooting Game
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The Strangers Free Game

Plays: 15746
Lead a team of anti-terrorist commandos on a string of dangerous missions. Can you save the world?
Royal Fupa Invaders A Free Shooting Game
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Royal Fupa Invaders Free Game

Plays: 15701
This is a remake of the classic space invaders game. In this game you control a Robin Hood Fupa to destroy a Royal King and Queen Fupa and their army of Fupa. The Royal Fupa invaders will shoot you back in return and will approach closer and closer. There is a Court Jester Fupa, who once destroyed, will give you some very nice weapons.
Sniper A Free Shooting Game
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Sniper Free Game

Plays: 15668
June 6th 1944. The allied force is about to aunch the largest seaborne invasion in history off the coast of Normandy, France...
Goodbye Mr. Bush A Free Shooting Game
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Goodbye Mr. Bush Free Game

Plays: 15639
Bush goes away from the White House... Tell him goodbye YOUR WAY (throwing boots, eggs, daisies or candies) This is a multi-highscore and cumulative-score game!
Robot Territories A Free Shooting Game
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Robot Territories Free Game

Plays: 15625
Shooting game set in a robot future with mayhem all around you. Destroy and juggle everything that moves. Use MOUSE to aim, click MOUSEBUTTON to shoot, hold and release MOUSEBUTTON to charge and shoot. Shoot enemies in-air to make combos! The game is cpu-consuming, set quality to low if it runs slow.

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