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bunnybounty A Free Shooting Game
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bunnybounty Free Game

Plays: 13301
Imagine your classic whack-a-mole game only with steroids, and bunnies for moles, and they're really really hungry for the farm crops that you're hired to protect. You're a pest exterminator. Your specialty? Bunnies. Your clients?Angry, frustrated, and altogether utterly helpless farmers who struggle against endless waves of savage bunny barbarians who loot and plunder their farm yields. Scare off, deter and well, if you really have to, neutralize as many bunnies as you can with your trusty weapon!Good luck!
ParaSpammer A Free Shooting Game
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ParaSpammer Free Game

Plays: 13210
Gameplay: Kill all spammers. Survive 25 waves and win, or compete other players in Survival mode for longest survival time. Game features: Sound and blood splashes could be turned off. Different types of enemies and allies. Four types of bonuses/powerups. Five types of "bad bonuses". Seven weapon types. Weapon overheat. Two play modes - Survival and Waves. In-game pause and pause when mouse out of game screen.
Feed My Flytrap A Free Shooting Game
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Feed My Flytrap Free Game

Plays: 13189
Make the flies fall into the Venus Flytrap's mouth, by shooting the flies with your mouse. Watch out for the socket! 5 levels, pay extra attention to the especial one!
Ownage demo A Free Shooting Game
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Ownage demo Free Game

Plays: 13169
Kill hundreds of enemies in this senseless action flash game. Avoid mortal shots while headshooting random baddies and then roll for cover with the lateral jump, or throw grenades to see them blown to pieces.
Crazy Zone A Free Shooting Game
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Crazy Zone Free Game

Plays: 13029
Crazy zone is an addictive shooter game by Tomas Rychnovsky that feature two extremely hard levels of insane crazy shoot-em-up action.
Online Planking Game A Free Shooting Game
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Online Planking Game Free Game

Plays: 12982
Throw items at the plankers to bring them down from their planking positions.
Halloween - Witch vs Wizard A Free Shooting Game
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Halloween - Witch vs Wizard Free Game

Plays: 12878
Spooky fun .. Use your wizard to defend the land against the evil witch dropping poisoned pumpkins.
One Man Army A Free Shooting Game
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One Man Army Free Game

Plays: 12810
Reach the destination killing all the enemies. Press Space bar to move your player. Move the mouse to rotate the player's gun. Press the mouse to fire.
Red Tassled Fighter A Free Shooting Game
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Red Tassled Fighter Free Game

Plays: 12747
An addictive side-scrolling shooter
Soldiers Raid Osama A Free Shooting Game
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Soldiers Raid Osama Free Game

Plays: 12622
The Soldiers are back, they have teamed up with the U.S. Navy Seals to Raid Osama bin Laden's secret compound and bring him to justice! Play through this military action game with puzzle elements across 10 levels of increasing difficulty. On the final mission, find and kill Osama bin Laden!
Christmas Bubbles A Free Shooting Game
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Christmas Bubbles Free Game

Plays: 12480
It is Christmas and Fupa is providing you with a super fun game to help fulfill your jolly gaming cravings! This super fun bubble busting game will have you wanting more! Make sure you are fast! Match 3 bubbles or more of the same kind in a fast time and you will win!
Duck Hunt A Free Shooting Game
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Duck Hunt Free Game

Plays: 12438
don't miss the duck you will loose the points
Pawel & the Teutonic Castle A Free Shooting Game
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Pawel & the Teutonic Castle Free Game

Plays: 12363
Pawel is a young Polish knight who wants to get rid of the Teutonic knights that have invaded his land. Use your mouse to select and kill the enemies and the keyboard to move left or right.
The Internet vs your brain A Free Shooting Game
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The Internet vs your brain Free Game

Plays: 12361
your browser is plenty of internet memes ! save your brain !!!
Tech Wars A Free Shooting Game
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Tech Wars Free Game

Plays: 12261
In Tech Wars you will have to fight against Towers throwing you all kind of stuff like radioactive mines or controlled missiles. In a future dominated by machines, you will be alone to fight against its technology in a battleground where waves of powerful towers will show through the ground to destroy you battleship.
ZOMBIE SNIPER A Free Shooting Game
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Plays: 12258
Snipe the zombies to clear a path for the survivors!
Galaxian Pimenton A Free Shooting Game
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Galaxian Pimenton Free Game

Plays: 12199
Galaxian pimenton is selected for this critical mission. This duty is planned to protect your colonie from other. Upcoming meteors are dangerous and avoid getting hit by them as well. Laser guns and battle tools will help you.
Wife Beater A Free Shooting Game
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Wife Beater Free Game

Plays: 12089
Your wife nag you for getting drunk on the job and getting fired. So take revenge by beating the living daylights out of her. The More you beat her the faster she moves. Try not to sober up or its game over. Buy drink from the market but keep an eye on your pee bar. As once its full you wont be able to buy anymore drink until you take a leak. To take a leak shake the mouse over the toilet symbol.
Peeball A Free Shooting Game
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Peeball Free Game

Plays: 12080
Ever heard about a pee ball? No! Then you must play this one. Just jump over the obstacles and continue slurping to maintain the pee balance.
Shooter Wave and Packages A Free Shooting Game
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Shooter Wave and Packages Free Game

Plays: 11941
On this mission, the base have spotted an illegal trading business on the dock. the base have sent you to the location to stop them. You have to eliminate all of them and stay alive to complete this mission. but beware, the dirty armies are so dangerous and are great in numbers.

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