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BOWJA THE NINJA (on Factory Island) A Free Shooting Game
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BOWJA THE NINJA (on Factory Island) Free Game

Plays: 36931
BOWJA THE NINJA is on Factory Island where his mission is to destroy the Gi8000 in this exciting and action packed point and click adventure!
Cannon Fighter A Free Shooting Game
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Cannon Fighter Free Game

Plays: 36590
Can you defend the supply dump against the oncoming tanks in this retro classic desert warfare remake.
Balloon Cannon A Free Shooting Game
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Balloon Cannon Free Game

Plays: 36311
Shoot the balloon cannon and make 3 of one color and pop them. Once all balloons are gone LEVEL UP!, but beware if you block your cannon and you balloons hit the top you FAIL!
RPG Shooter: Starwish A Free Shooting Game
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RPG Shooter: Starwish Free Game

Plays: 34920
The most epic story for a Flash shooter! RPG Shooter: Starwish is a unique blend of a shooter, rpg, visual novel and dating sim. Earn multiple endings, and listen to a wonderful custom soundtrack. Play on Hard mode for extra goodies. Can you earn the special ending?
Castle Clout: Return of the King A Free Shooting Game
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Castle Clout: Return of the King Free Game

Plays: 34639
The king has returned in this awsome update to the original game 'Castle Clout'. Now with 22 levels, 4 types of projectile, a 'build and share' level editor, updated sound effects, level select, and more........are you ready to take on the king???
Super Pitcher A Free Shooting Game
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Super Pitcher Free Game

Plays: 34528
You don't have to shoot a handgun in order to be enshrined in the hall of fame for sharpshooters - aim and shoot all designated objects and get the rewards in the fair, and you know you will be adored. This game opens with a page stating the valid and wrong targets of the round. Press the Continue button on the screen to start the game, and you will be given three rows of moving targets, scrolling from right to left. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot the baseball. You may hit multiple objects by using a single baseball and this will bring you a higher score. The objects will move at a faster pace when you advance in the game. Remember not to fire at the invalid objects as one life will be deducted if you do so. If a 1 Up target appears, you may knock it down to get one extra life. You will lose if all 3 lives are gone, so mind your aim in order to survive. The board on the right shows the remaining seconds, your current score, and other related information including the number of throws, hits and misses, plus the percentage of accuracy, the number of targets hit and the completeness of the level, and your score will be calculated based on these data. Hit the bull's eyes and win a prize for your beloved!
d-fender A Free Shooting Game
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d-fender Free Game

Plays: 34392
Protect your bases from getting hit by the enemy bombs.
Elite Forces:Jungle A Free Shooting Game
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Elite Forces:Jungle Free Game

Plays: 33845
Take a chance to control one of elite soldiers, lead them to victory and discover mystery of allied form.
Shooting Range A Free Shooting Game
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Shooting Range Free Game

Plays: 33782
Practice shooting your handgun and see if you have what it takes to become a crime fighter. Shoot at flying targets and a live opponent.
Shooting practice A Free Shooting Game
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Shooting practice Free Game

Plays: 33561
Shooting game. No blood, only practice shooting on plates. You got different kind of plates. Every plate does something else. 1 Point, bonus points, life lost, new life, and instant game over plates. Al random and with levels, so it gets harder everytime.
Bubble Mania A Free Shooting Game
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Bubble Mania Free Game

Plays: 33284
Nice bubble shooter game.
Quickshot Blue A Free Shooting Game
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Quickshot Blue Free Game

Plays: 33230
Quickshot Blue - Shoot as many targets as you can. Play with mouse.
Air combat A Free Shooting Game
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Air combat Free Game

Plays: 33049
An exciting flying match! shoot the airplanes and defeat the enemies!
tanks A Free Shooting Game
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tanks Free Game

Plays: 32476
tanks game
Morality Wars V1.2 A Free Shooting Game
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Morality Wars V1.2 Free Game

Plays: 31606
Left-click to shoot. Kill all of the Fibs from attacking the Kidunots. There are 250 to kill at the moment and you can use the Tech buttons the more kills you obtain. The last button fully restores your health.
Exploding UFOs A Free Shooting Game
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Exploding UFOs Free Game

Plays: 31514
Controls: Drag the mouse to aim, and click the mouse to fire rockets. Shoot the UFOs by clicking on them. Updates: Laser gun at wave no: 4. Space mines at wave no: 8. Number of waves to win the game: 15.
Grave Digger A Free Shooting Game
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Grave Digger Free Game

Plays: 31150
This halloween, dig and collect as much gold as possible!! Drive away the ghost by clicking on them. Fun and addicting.
Snowball Duel A Free Shooting Game
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Snowball Duel Free Game

Plays: 30489
Snowball Duel is a super fun challeging game! In this game you are in control of a tank in a snowball battle. Your tank and the opponent tank take turns shooting at one another. Your goal is to bury the opponent tank in snow. Be careful on how you shoot the snowballs because the wind is constantly changing and can mess up your strategy. Show the opponent tank who is boss!
Angry Birds Space HD A Free Shooting Game
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Angry Birds Space HD Free Game

Plays: 29690
After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own...
ACNE PANIC A Free Shooting Game
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Plays: 29345
Eradicate these irritating pimples using ALIS TIGYAWAT ointment. Apply the ointment on all acnes and prevent them on growing. Protect your patient's face and preserve her trust on you.

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