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Play Quisquos QuozQuisquos Quoz Game

Plays: 4073
Category: Puzzles
A "board" game in the same vein as checkers. Jump the computer's pieces and avoid being jumped to win!
Play You Dance Badly IVYou Dance Badly IV Game

Plays: 4040
Category: Action
Follow the arrows and not the rhythm in this 4th iteration of the You Dance Badly series from nonSoft. Each game in the You Dance Badly series features a new dance track.
Play ?-???? Chinese Chess?-???? Chinese Chess Game

Plays: 4037
Category: BoardGame
????,??vs??,???AI? ??????????????(????) B:??(????,???????) R:??(????,???????) P:?? Enter:???? Chinese Chess, Player vs Computer. Click the chessboard to make a move(don't drag) B: Begin (play as Black, computer move first) R: Begin (play as Red, player move first) P: Retract one move Enter: Game menu
Play Pipo Ledeng BattlePipo Ledeng Battle Game

Plays: 4034
Category: Fighting
It was simple fighting game betwen player and computer. This game featured by health bar (player & com), stamina bar (player & com), and defend meter (player only). Every time player win, there will be short scene showing how player defeat computer.

Plays: 4002
Category: Action
In this game there are three types of bow fighting exists. Which are bow fights with 2-mens or computer and archery practices? When player choose 2 men bow fighting, he must play both the two player roles. Player can choose any one of above bow game. To play this game player drag the bow string with the help of mouse left clicks and positions the bow to release the arrow to against player. Game runs until any one of the player die.
Play Japanese BlackjackJapanese Blackjack Game

Plays: 3990
Category: Casino
Now you are present at a great championship, which take place in one Japanese town. The authorities of a card game from the different parts of our planet are here in this town to judge the game. Do you see these tree beautiful ships? They appeared here from the Past, Present and Future. Three experts of the game Japan Blackjack landed in this town too to insert new additions into the game. For example, the specialist from the Past specified each point of the classic game rules, the modern graphics, computer technologies, exotic settings, cards style and Japanese music were brought from the Present and the idea of Japanese Blackjack world championship was taken from the Future. And the game is a result of these parts unification.
Play PonagePonage Game

Plays: 3959
Category: Puzzles
Battle against the computer in a game of pong. Gray part of your pad will decrease in size every time you lose a point and the green part of your pad will gain every time you win a point. Good luck and have fun.
Play Logic Puzzle EscapeLogic Puzzle Escape Game

Plays: 3949
Category: Puzzles
GamesNovel's new escape game have some logic.
Play Starship Operation Dark MatterStarship Operation Dark Matter Game

Plays: 3937
Category: Shooting
Protect our solar system. We need the computer data of starship one. Fight again alien spaceships. Cross reliably the mine field. Give Starship One "Dark Matter" Escort protection and flies reliably to Star cruiser Razorblade back.
Play Battle ShipBattle Ship Game

Plays: 3900
Category: Action
Old classic game made in Flash. Sink the computer before it sinks you.
Play PropellersPropellers Game

Plays: 3894
Category: Puzzles
Managing your mouse, you need to bring the red ball to the golden square, with no cutout in the wall and other obstacles. This game has 25 levels, which do not need to start anew with a new start, Your achievements are saved on your computer!
Play Rock Paper Scissor WarsRock Paper Scissor Wars Game

Plays: 3880
Category: Puzzles
An innovative twist on an all-time classic. Includes classic mode for traditional players, and includes an additional mode call Troop Mode. The game pits Red fort Vs. Blue fort, and the players can send out a rock, paper, or scissor to battle it out. In troop mode each player can send out a larger army to battle it out. Destroy the enemies fort for some cool fort kill animations.
Play IQ Terms Technology QuizIQ Terms Technology Quiz Game

Plays: 3871
Category: BoardGame
test your Information Technology Term IQ answer questions correct to see how you do
Play Mini Golf IIMini Golf II Game

Plays: 3864
Category: Sports
9 hole Golf game against the computer.
Play Japanese VideopokerJapanese Videopoker Game

Plays: 3852
Category: Casino
Attention! A new poker game in Japanese style! It has an exclusive design and uncommon theme. The handsome boy with win combinations in his hand stands out against a decline background, he won that honorable place in an elimination contests. Many boys and girls of his age took part in them, because it was very interesting for every teenager to gain the first place and to become a prototype of a computer game hero. The contests were very difficult and various. Firstly, organizes of the competition examined children's school knowledge. They had being tasted them on several school subjects for two hours. Secondly, every participant was to demonstrate his dexterity in running, jumping, climbing and in alignment. It was a sports part of a competition. Thirdly, a rating of humorous extracts and short stories took place. Then followed a dancing contest and after it two matches left. It was decided by supporters and organizes to realize an unusual competition between them: the presenter proposed riddles and competitors guessed them. After a tense struggle our hero gained the prize and his picture appeared in this game.
Play You Dance Badly VYou Dance Badly V Game

Plays: 3843
Category: Action
Follow the arrows and not the rhythm in this 5th iteration of the You Dance Badly series from nonSoft. Each game in the You Dance Badly series features a new dance track.
Play MancalaMancala Game

Plays: 3818
Category: BoardGame
Play Mancala against the computer.
Play KMRKMR Game

Plays: 3809
Category: Other
The game has a DDR esque feel to it. it has many options and choices. I already set a good option setr for you, the reccommended. Anyway, if your computer is good, you can turn up the options. Also, the game autoloads and saves, but you can manually load and save your game in the options menu
Play Space Coin Collector: 2 Player EditionSpace Coin Collector: 2 Player Edition Game

Plays: 3792
Category: Action
Grab a friend and race through space together! Whoever collects the most coins wins!

Plays: 3792
Category: Other
In this game computer ask 10 questions in mathematics to solve. If player solve correct answer he rewarded one mark otherwise go to next question.

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