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Play Easter Basket Dress UpEaster Basket Dress Up Game

Plays: 4548
Category: Dress-Up
Ultra cute Easter Basket Dressup. Chocolate Bunnies, Peepz, flowers,jelly beans..its all there! Plus you can make your own wallpaper for your computer from your creation!
Play GaiaGuessWhoGaiaGuessWho Game

Plays: 4544
Category: Puzzles
Guess which GAIA character has been selected by the computer by choosing attributes from the drop down list and selecting the character's name that matches the guessed attributes.
Play Sumo BallSumo Ball Game

Plays: 4512
Category: Puzzles
Sumo Ball is a 3D ring elimination game. You play against the computer trying to knock your opponent out of different 3D rings. Different levels include "Hill" and "Waves". The first player to score 10 K/Os wins.
Play ConectaConecta Game

Plays: 4490
Category: Puzzles
Connect all wires and send the correct energy to each computer. Save energy when don´t use it!
Play Racing challengeRacing challenge Game

Plays: 4472
Category: Driving
come race a classic car on race track, forest and snow courses try and see if you can beat the computer and become top of the leader boards.
Play Total WarTotal War Game

Plays: 4470
Category: Action
Setup a team and fight it out in this arena war game. Play either against a friend or the computer in a variety of game modes including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Last Man Standing.
Play Hagefade PongHagefade Pong Game

Plays: 4467
Category: Other
A classic game of skill. Even though this game was one of the first few computer games made, it can be addicting. A fun quick game that I hope you enjoy.
Play Super Cars Hidden LettersSuper Cars Hidden Letters Game

Plays: 4450
Category: Puzzles
What is excellent about flash games? That's they're able to be played free of charge and you do not have to have to invest additional revenue just to uncover enjoyment in your personal computer. You just have to have to possess an net connection plus a browser to become able to play flash games. Among the amazing flash games is definitely the Super Cars Hidden Letters. This game is usually played by any particular person in all ages due to the fact it doesn't consist of any violence or other aspects that are not suited for children. The Super Cars Hidden Letters on the net flash game will absolutely be a fun game particularly for all those who adore vehicles and individuals who like to play "hidden objects" form of games. The instructions of this game is really straightforward and you just have to use your mouse to play and finish this game effectively. When the loading period has been finished, you can now click the "play" button or you'll be able to select an image should you like. Just after pressing the "play" button, it'll take you directly for the game. An image will seem on the gamescreen with a incredibly cool automobile. The objective in the game is for you personally to find all of the letters on the alphabet within the image.
Play Three sons chess,3 level AiThree sons chess,3 level Ai Game

Plays: 4424
Category: BoardGame
Three sons chess,3 level Ai
Play Angel Bobble V1.04Angel Bobble V1.04 Game

Plays: 4411
Category: Puzzles
( Angel Bobble 1.04) Angel Bobble Instructions: Your goal in this erotic flash game is to beat your opponent. Group the same colored dots together to make them disappear. You can play against the computer or against your buddy. Here are the controls 1P: UP ARROW = Push, DOWN ARROW = Take, LEFT/RIGHT ARROW = Move. 2P: "W" KEY = Push, "S" KEY = Take, "A"/"D" KEY = Move. Good luck!
Play MinesweeperMinesweeper Game

Plays: 4402
Category: Puzzles
Minesweeper is a single-player computer game. The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine.
Play PC.DEfensePC.DEfense Game

Plays: 4393
Category: Strategy
PC.DEfence is a strategy game with an exciting pixel art graphics combining classical tower defense gameplay with inconvenient story line. Evil viruses are coming out from usb stick to destroy your hardware. Protect the central processor using your savvy and upgradeable antivirus software at your disposal. Six different antiviruses with 4 upgrades each and special boosters are available to help you to achieve your goal. But take care! It's only a 64 bits processing unit and every virus destroys one bit if it slips through!
Play Link FiveLink Five Game

Plays: 4392
Category: Puzzles
Outsmart the computer by connecting five pieces in a straight line first.
Play Eraser GameEraser Game Game

Plays: 4379
Category: Fighting
Get the chalk using the eraser. you can play with your firend or play it against the computer.
Play PongitPongit Game

Plays: 4288
Category: BoardGame
The rule is simple. You move the board up and down to bounce the tiny naughty sphere and once you miss it, you will lose your points. so focus your attention! Get a high Level and Good luck!
Play BullseyeBullseye Game

Plays: 4232
Category: Sports
A tricky darts game against computer opponents of varying ability. It's the best of 5 legs, first one to 3. The game rules are the same as a standard game of darts. You must score points to reduce your remaining score to zero with as few darts as possible. You must also end the game with a double or a bullseye - not easy!
Play Escape From the Fitness CenterEscape From the Fitness Center Game

Plays: 4226
Category: Action
GamesNovel's - New online free games.
Play RTP SudokuRTP Sudoku Game

Plays: 4168
Category: BoardGame
Have some fun with Sudoku! Also included is a solver, so if you're stuck with a puzzle, just enter it in and let the computer solve it for you!
Play VSPVSP Game

Plays: 4160
Category: Other
VSP (Variable Speed Pong) is a modification of the basic pong game. Both the computer and the player paddle can move in 2 dimensions. For each point you score the game speeds up and for each point the computer scores you lose a life and the game slows down.
Play A Maze Race IIA Maze Race II Game

Plays: 4120
Category: Puzzles
Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.

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