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Play Mega PongMega Pong Game

Plays: 3785
Category: Action
A classic game with a twist. Battle against the computer while trying to survive against an obstacle course of bumpers, pushers and rotating objects that try to knock the ball in all directions. Upgrade your paddle for convenience, use consumables to your advantage and obtain power-ups to help you along the way.
Play Super Number GuessSuper Number Guess Game

Plays: 3767
Category: Puzzles
The computer has chosen a random number between 1 and 9999. Guess the correct number in as few tries as possible and try to become the champion!
Play Multiplayer BilliardsMultiplayer Billiards Game

Plays: 3759
Category: BoardGame
Flash version of very popular sport game Billiards. In this version you can play two versions of Billiard: 8 ball Billiard and Straight Pool. You can play against real players or against computer.
Play Poker SoloPoker Solo Game

Plays: 3750
Category: Casino
Draw one or more cards from closed pile. Before taking the next card (or cards) you can remove some cards from hand (previous hand). If you do not do this one card is removed from your hand - first card on the left. You can not replace only one card too often. After each playing computer randomly deletes one card also. Try to make most scored poker hands. The last score is an average of the results for one play. The first hand of the first 5 cards are scored twice!
Play VirusVirus Game

Plays: 3745
Category: Action
This time your goal is to protect your computer and stop the virus infection spreading from the internet. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your computer mouse and run over the viruses to destroy them. Try to collect power-ups as they will help you in your task. Try to get as much points as you can and submit your score!
Play Sausage FactorySausage Factory Game

Plays: 3745
Category: Action
Welcome to your new job working the night shift at the Sausage Factory. Your livelihood and the well being of your family now depend entirely on precise control of state-of-the-art smashers that pulverize our organic ingredients into tasty, tender meat treats. It's simple: Smash the right color ingredients with the corresponding colored smasher to fulfill the day's recipes and volume quota and you'll live to work another day. Fail and be sent off to eke out what's left of your drab, meatless existence alone. Sausage Factory is for 1-4 players (multiplayer is played with multiple players stationed around one computer and keyboard).
Play Brands Fight!Brands Fight! Game

Plays: 3710
Category: Action
Shooter with computer AI, click as mutch guys you can to get the best highscore. Your oponent will try to do the same thing!
Play Rock Paper ScissorsRock Paper Scissors Game

Plays: 3708
Category: BoardGame
The electronic version of famous game. Play RPS with computer!
Play the magic cardthe magic card Game

Plays: 3704
Category: Casino
this is a magic game. select a card and the computer will guess it.
Play Koala CheckersKoala Checkers Game

Plays: 3687
Category: BoardGame
Try to beat a computer opponent in this classic game of checkers. Goodluck!
Play Cyrus the VirusCyrus the Virus Game

Plays: 3682
Category: Other
You are a virus. you need to infect as many panels as you can without touching the firewalls. Just last as long as you can before you get deleted. Use left or right to move. Jump from front to back with up and down.
Play Ice HockeyIce Hockey Game

Plays: 3662
Category: Sports
A mini Ice Hockey game for one player against the computer.
Play CheckersCheckers Game

Plays: 3661
Category: BoardGame
Classic Checkers game. One or two players in normal or easy mode. Play vs computer or oponent
Play Fish SlapFish Slap Game

Plays: 3658
Category: Action
Can you jump higher and faster than your fishy foes? Find out in the dark underworld of fish alley.
Play Bye Bye SpyBye Bye Spy Game

Plays: 3630
Category: Action
Throw coffee cups, cell phones, teddy bears or snowballs to spies, snoopers and drunken mall santas. Select one from 4 scenes in „Bye Bye Spy“ and prevent them from spying on your computer. The better you play the faster the game gets. The more spies you hit in a row, the more points you'll get.
Play SequenceSequence Game

Plays: 3625
Category: Puzzles
A repetition game, where the object is to remember as many digits as possible from a random sequence which the computer will reveal.
Play FirewallFirewall Game

Plays: 3587
Category: Shooting
A wave-based shooter game in which you control a mouse cursor and must defend your computer from viruses which fall from the ceiling. Between waves, you can buy more mines and upgrade your range and speed. If you're in trouble, press spacebar to use a special firewall attack.
Play SuperComputerSuperComputer Game

Plays: 3542
Category: Education
Can you beat the mind-reading Super Computer? Give it a shot, but be careful with what you think!
Play Vector RaceVector Race Game

Plays: 3539
Category: Other
Vector Race is a computer version of that lecture time classic. Race around circuits you design by altering you cars movement vector every turn. Two realism settings allow you to determine what happens when you slam into a side wall. Comes with a full track editor and AI opponent
Play Gift BlasterGift Blaster Game

Plays: 3538
Category: Action
Shoot snowballs at presents to push them into the enemy's goal! Make sure the computer doesn't score against you, though! Play with varying settings for even more fun!

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