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Play maze of nervesmaze of nerves Game

Plays: 1183
Category: Action
Navigate the maze without destroying your computer
Play To The TopTo The Top Game

Plays: 1159
Category: Action
As the titles says! Get the character to the top of the screen and keep him
Play Nano ReconNano Recon Game

Plays: 1111
Category: Puzzles
You are nano the robot. Your mission is to explore these caves and find your way out. However, be very careful while navigating as rocks can randomly fall, close and move. This game provides detailed game play instructions as you play along. So its a simple game thats a whole lot of fun to play!
Play Miss BikerMiss Biker Game

Plays: 1110
Category: Driving
Using the arrow keys navigate miss biker through this tricky bike course. Collect the hearts and beat each level!
Play ToddlersToddlers Game

Plays: 1086
Category: Puzzles
Navigate babies back to their beds, in this original puzzle game.
Play Almost ImpossibleAlmost Impossible Game

Plays: 1068
Category: Action
Skillfully navigate through each level without hitting any walls or objects. Get the cash and get to the checkpoint before time runs out!
Play The Difficult ShooterThe Difficult Shooter Game

Plays: 1031
Category: Action
This is not an ordinary shooter.. This is the difficult shooter! Navigate your ship through waves of enemy spaceships and destroy as many as you can. Earn money and buy upgrades in the shop. Be awesome, be victorious and try to get the highest score in this side scroller shooter!
Play Depth DiveDepth Dive Game

Plays: 1017
Category: Action
Navigate your AquaTank into the depths of the ocean.
Play TilezTilez Game

Plays: 998
Category: Puzzles
Navigate your way through the maze making sure to hit each tile only once.
Play KuballKuball Game

Plays: 983
Category: Adventure
Navigate the ring trough the 14 levels by pushing the green into the warp holes.
Play Key MazeKey Maze Game

Plays: 903
Category: Other
A game where you navigate across the maze, find the key, then escape. Screen may turn white due to lag. Just Wait.
Play CaterpillarCaterpillar Game

Plays: 841
Category: Other
In a mash land where healthy food abound, help the Caterpillar to navigate through sumptuous meal to make it grow! Oops! Avoid heating your tail and obstacles.
Play Starship EmergencyStarship Emergency Game

Plays: 772
Category: Adventure
Lost in space! Try this unique dual-character escape puzzle, sequel to the successful 'Escape with Amanda'! You not only have to find and move objects but talk to your companion (Amanda, the android) in order to solve this fancy little puzzle and help the starship captain navigate home the lost starship.
Play Gem ManiaGem Mania Game

Plays: 753
Category: Puzzles
Gem Mania is a Puzzle Game where you have to collect all the gems in your little wooden train, but avoid bumping into your own carriages as your train gets longer with every gem you collect. Try to plan your way through the maze and avoid running out of options. You must have a strategy and problem solving mind as you try to collect all the gems in each level...
Play Welcome Test Subject #3217Welcome Test Subject #3217 Game

Plays: 741
Category: Puzzles
Make sure volume is on. And speakers are in the correction position (i.e left is in left pos). No graphics. Just sounds. Its a sound based tile puzzle. Navigate across a maze full of little traps and other fun mechanism. The screen is all black normally.
Play ArcanorumArcanorum Game

Plays: 718
Category: Strategy
For over two thousand years people lived peacefully, unaware of the evil rising in their lands. The time has come to put an end to all evil. Control your mechanical machine with your cursor around the map and tackle your enemies swiftly. Use your medieval flying contraption and upgrade your weapons as you make your way throughout your quest for victory.
Play Horse Soldier vs HordeHorse Soldier vs Horde Game

Plays: 704
Category: Action
The brave horse soldier is determined to repel the orkish horde's invasion. The dragon riders, archers and swordsmen of the horde are in full force trying to stop him. Not only that, but our hero must also navigate the dangerous terrain.
Play KibloidKibloid Game

Plays: 648
Category: Action
Navigate through a sea of musical platforms while trying to outrun a gigantic planet-eater! Don't run too far, however, or you might get lost in space!
Play Monster MazeMonster Maze Game

Plays: 631
Category: Puzzles
Monster Maze game is a free flash game developed by A maze is a tour puzzle in the form of a complex branching passage through which the solver must find a route. The pathways and walls in a maze are fixed. Quick player action is required to navigate the monster and escape him, within time limit. Good luck. Have a fun!
Play SpoogoSpoogo Game

Plays: 614
Category: Adventure
Guide Spoogo around each level while collecting gems and power-gems. Use your tractor beam to help you navigate the level by stacking crates or ice cubes, pulling platforms and reaching places to collect items -while your aim is to reach the goal flag. While using your tractor beam, Spoogo cannot be hit by crates or cubes - useful for stacking and jumping vertically, but they can still collide with each other. This can be also used for deflecting enemy fire, or by stacking to create a wall.

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