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Play Sky DiveSky Dive Game

Plays: 2608
Category: Action
Jump from the plane and navigate to the ground safely. Land close to the center for more points.
Play Space DisposalSpace Disposal Game

Plays: 2606
Category: Action
Space Disposal is a great neo-retro arcade game coming in a fancy retro look with cool graphics effects! Your task is to move your disposal missile through dangerous levels, collect all the nuclear waste and bring it safely to the detonation chamber. Use arrows, WASD or mouse to navigate the ship and take care of lasers, security drones, acid drops and other hazardous obstacles!
Play Farty TurdFarty Turd Game

Plays: 2588
Category: Other
Navigate your flying butt through a gauntlet of toilet paper, making sure to drop your "payload" along the way!
Play TheCellTheCell Game

Plays: 2580
Category: Puzzles
Can you escape 'TheCell'? Navigate the room and pick up items in order to find teh next clue and ultimately escape a room with no doors!
Play MazeMaze Game

Plays: 2566
Category: Puzzles
Navigate your way across the maze. Complete all 10 levels.
Play My Racer 2My Racer 2 Game

Plays: 2559
Category: Action
Your mission is to be the fastest pilot in this crazy rally! Use the arrows to navigate your car and don't use the brakes, just be the first! You need to watch out your opponent! He will try to push you out of the track.
Play Rocket ExplorerRocket Explorer Game

Plays: 2554
Category: Other
Controlling your rocket, find your way to the pit stop. However, the road ahead is guarded by many types of enemies, waiting to reduce your HP. Can you navigate the rocket successfully to the destination before it explodes?
Play Hanna in a ChoppaHanna in a Choppa Game

Plays: 2492
Category: Action
Can you pilot Hanna and her choppa through 21 unique levels? Only you can help her rescue people at sea, herd sheep, navigate inside a cement mixer, give a giant a haircut and more!
Play EIPC SnakeEIPC Snake Game

Plays: 2491
Category: Puzzles
Navigate the snake around the screen and try to eat the apples to gain points. You die by running into a wall, or running into yourself.
Play Santas RideSantas Ride Game

Plays: 2481
Category: Driving
Navigate Santa's Ride in the Race Field.
Play SpeedspaceSpeedspace Game

Plays: 2474
Category: Action
Being stuck in a wormhole is no easy cake. Navigate through the asteroids and get as far as you can!
Play Meteor ShowerMeteor Shower Game

Plays: 2443
Category: Shooting
You must safely navigate Captain Bob's starship through a hail of meteors. Do so safely and you will be promoted!
Play Star StrikerStar Striker Game

Plays: 2424
Category: Action
Take on hordes of enemies, navigate treacherous paths, and battle bosses in this top down shooter.
Play Space Shooter - Mew Style!Space Shooter - Mew Style! Game

Plays: 2382
Category: Action
Guide Mew the snail navigate through a field of giant cookie asteroids and space aliens!
Play Paper PilotPaper Pilot Game

Plays: 2377
Category: Action
Use the arrow keys to navigate a lonely paper airplane across the barren desert. Catch all of the boosts that you can, but careful to watch out for the birds!
Play Power Boat ChallengePower Boat Challenge Game

Plays: 2366
Category: Sports
Surf's up! Can you navigate the powerboat through the pillars?
Play Jump to PassJump to Pass Game

Plays: 2328
Category: Action
Navigate the bouncing ball to pass over the road obstacles within the 60 seconds time limit. There is the no way backward. Use less time to get high scores, this game has infinite number of randomly generated levels. Tips: The camera view is "First Person", so the ball's on ground position is exactly the edge of the screen. Keep looking forward, make sure you won't fail on your next jump before pushing the ball. Use mouse control only is recommended.
Play TwiddlestixTwiddlestix Game

Plays: 2321
Category: Action
Navigate your way safely through the waterways without hitting the sides.
Play Infinite Scroller 2Infinite Scroller 2 Game

Plays: 2313
Category: Puzzles
You have three goals: survive, survive and survive! Navigate through a never-ending scrolling maze and try to reach the bottom of the screen. Collect bonus items for more speed and other assets. How long can you survive?
Play Cake for LoveCake for Love Game

Plays: 2291
Category: Puzzles
You know that to win a man's heart is through his stomach. We introduce you to a brilliant recipe of cake, that never turns down your lover. As you will notice in this game, the cake is quite ready, it just needs a little bit of your creativity in order to find the right decorations that fits your preferences and taste. There's a variety of flavours and ornaments to choose from, if you like to make a great chocolate dessert or any other flavour it is up to you. Navigate throw all the available ornaments, step forward and backward with the help of the buttons in order to see and experiment all the decoration elements, and find the right combination for the Perfect Cake for Love.

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