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Online snake Games
Play Love SnakeLove Snake Game

Plays: 2081
Category: Puzzles
love snake? howz possible. Okay check it.
Play Snake LadderSnake Ladder Game

Plays: 2064
Category: Customize
Play CarsCars Game

Plays: 2064
Category: Action
This is a connection of tetris and snake games. You need to park group of cars in special way: three or more identical cars should stay in one horizontal, vertical or slant line. While playing you will find couple of bonuses - you need to drive through them before you would like to use them.
Play SnakeSnake Game

Plays: 2056
Category: Puzzles
Eat factors, multiples, and prime numbers in this remake of the classic game.
Play The Snake GameThe Snake Game Game

Plays: 2048
Category: Puzzles
The original maze game just sped up, alot
Play Chess Snake PuzzlesChess Snake Puzzles Game

Plays: 2042
Category: Puzzles
Draw a snake that goes from the lower left square to the upper right square. The snake's path moves horizontally or vertically, and does not touch itself, even diagonally. Each chess piece attacks the same number of segments of the snake.
Play Unreal SnakeUnreal Snake Game

Plays: 2019
Category: Action
Snake. Features the game: mouse controls, several game modes, obstacles in the levels, opportunity to slow down time.
Play Shake-Hunting for bugsShake-Hunting for bugs Game

Plays: 2018
Category: Adventure
Snakes love different bugs and spiders. Help a snake to catch all bugs and to grow in sizes. Collect different bonuses which will help you to pass faster to the following level, to add life and others.
Play KouldoussKouldouss Game

Plays: 2009
Category: Action
Kouldouss is a a remake of famous Snake game
Play Motley mutant wormMotley mutant worm Game

Plays: 2000
Category: Action
Moving the colourful worm you need to eat coloured fruits and beware of obstacles. You should eat three similar fruits several times to complete a level. Game control is provided by mouse cursor appearing as a carrot. The hungry worm is always trying to bite off a piece of a lush carrot. Direct the cursor so the worm could eat fruits but you should not allow the worm to bite a cursor itself because it causes the reduce of health level.Some levels may be passed only by means of smart worm controlling but during most levels you will additionally have to logically think over the passing process. You have got a lot of bonuses in the game which make gameplay more interesting. The game is not that easy but it draws in, so be ready not to have passed some levels at first try.
Play SnakeSnake Game

Plays: 1981
Category: Sports
Play the classic Snake game :)
Play Eat all the apples!Eat all the apples! Game

Plays: 1980
Category: Puzzles
Eat all the apples! A snake-like game, try to eat all the apples with out getting stuck.
Play Eat MoreEat More Game

Plays: 1967
Category: Other
Remake of the classic snake game. Eat all the food and avoid bumping into obstacles, the wall or yourself.
Play SnakeSnake Game

Plays: 1966
Category: Action
It's a cool snake game
Play PythonPython Game

Plays: 1954
Category: Action
Play the glorified `snake` game in this tremendously lifelike tournament!
Play PythonPython Game

Plays: 1938
Category: Action
Cruelty to animals sucks. Especially cute, fluffy little rodents with limited or no awareness of impending danger. But not in the wild, for that is the way of nature. Besides, if mice are too dumb to move out of the way of a hungry snake chomping it's way through a whole bunch of their little buddies, then they really deserve what's coming to them! Guide your snake using your keypad around the ground, and eat up all those delicious little rat snacks! Be careful not to nibble your own tail or hit the wall, or you'll be reunited with your little friends in the great big desert in the sky!
Play She Charms SnakesShe Charms Snakes Game

Plays: 1936
Category: Customize
This gypsy queen loves to charm snakes because the slippery reptile is really just another accessory. When she gets bored with telling people's future, then she'll grab a snake from the tree branch or from a marketplace and have a brand new pet. If she can charm snakes, then surely she can charm you with her gypsy style!
Play SnakeSnake Game

Plays: 1923
Category: Action
This is a classic Snake game. Guide your snake through 10 levels and eat enough food to proceed.
Play Snake classicSnake classic Game

Plays: 1919
Category: BoardGame
It's a classic snake game.
Play Street Fighter RabbitStreet Fighter Rabbit Game

Plays: 1917
Category: Adventure
I am Street Fighter Rabbit and I love my girlfriend very much. But she was bite by a snake. Finding the antidote is the only way to save her!

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