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Play Jewel MineJewel Mine Game

Plays: 8097
Category: Action
Jewel Mine is a simple but enjoyable game for relax. 100% Mouse controlled!. The only valid move is to swap adjacent gems to make three or more gems of the same color line up horizontally or vertically. When that happens, the player earns points, the lined-up gems disappear, the gems above them fall and the extra space is filled with random gems. Once this has happened, there may once again be three or more gems lined up, in which case the process is repeated. This is called a "cascade". The game ends when there are no valid moves or time ends. You can also post your score online.
Play Harv-EHarv-E Game

Plays: 7940
Category: Action
Dig, blast and upgrade your way to finding love and friendship, one piece at a time.
Play Polar Bear CannonPolar Bear Cannon Game

Plays: 7735
Category: Shooting
The idea is simple you have to fire a polar bear as far as you can get it, hit mines and seals to go further and avoid the spikes or you will be killed!
Play Fish-DodgeBallFish-DodgeBall Game

Plays: 7695
Category: Puzzles
use mouse control the fish and avoid the Marine mine!
Play Shining mineShining mine Game

Plays: 7694
Category: Puzzles
Match-3 game. Try to remove as many bombs as you can before a bomb will explode
Play Trench DefenceTrench Defence Game

Plays: 7565
Category: Shooting
A tower defence game with fusions, a variety of towers and enemies.
Play Minesweeper: ClassicMinesweeper: Classic Game

Plays: 7536
Category: BoardGame
Are you the fastest Minesweeper in the world? It's the original Minesweeper with awards, ranking points, stats and leaderboards. You've got the classic windows puzzles plus an extra difficult one for the hardcore! All your stats are automatically saved and you can compare yourself to the rest of the world using the in game global leaderboards. Enjoy!
Play Escape the BayEscape the Bay Game

Plays: 7479
Category: Sports
Using the elastic from his underwear a prisoner has made a giant rubber band and is trying to sling shot his way to freedom across the mine field. How far can you make it?
Play Bracey GirlBracey Girl Game

Plays: 7359
Category: Dress-Up
This game means a lot to me as it represents a long forgotten wish of mine and that is to have the perfect clothes that match any braces thus making the wearer a proud person without any fear of showing her braces or her clothes. What you have to do while playing the 'Bracey Girl' dress up game is to dress the model up with the prettiest clothes you can find in her wardrobe and for that you'll have to use your imagination a bit. Happy playing girls and remember: braces can actually be a lot of fun if you know how to wear them!
Play SugarcoreSugarcore Game

Plays: 7293
Category: Action
Find out where sweets really come from as you mine licorice, demolish candy orbs, and defend confections from attack! Three quirky characters guide you through 18 levels of sugary goodness.
Play demineurdemineur Game

Plays: 6821
Category: Puzzles
EN:The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. FR: Le démineur est un jeu vidéo de réflexion dont le but est de localiser des mines cachées dans un champ virtuel avec pour seule indication le nombre de mines dans les zones adjacentes.
Play Jem Match 2Jem Match 2 Game

Plays: 6411
Category: BoardGame
Match the jems and gain points. How much can you earn?
Play Mine Sweep 6Mine Sweep 6 Game

Plays: 6407
Category: Puzzles
Clear the world from dangerous mines in this exiting new variant of Mine Sweeper. Using hexagonal pieces with six surrounding neighbours, Mine Sweep 6 offers fresh challenges for loyal players of Mine Sweeper and new players alike.
Play Dwarven MinerDwarven Miner Game

Plays: 6327
Category: Adventure
As a dwarven miner just starting out in the mining business you dig for a variety of ores, gems, precious metals. You level up in your mining skills, digging for more valuable things with time, earning more money. With the money earned you will be able to make your mine your home and buy fancy decoration, furniture, gadgets, etc…
Play Goldie the Gold MinerGoldie the Gold Miner Game

Plays: 6075
Category: Action
Check out this ONLINE game that is the SEQUEL to Finders Keepers. If you're pulling up an item and you don't like - Click on it to blow it up. Have fun! The object of the game is to catch treasure items with your claw and pull them up. You must beat the level goal before time runs out. Any points you earn above the level goal helps you reach the next level's goal.
Play Jem Match ChristmasJem Match Christmas Game

Plays: 5892
Category: BoardGame
Match the jems and gain points. How much can you get?
Play MinediggerMinedigger Game

Plays: 5859
Category: Adventure
Collect the diamonds without hitting any mines!
Play Battle for MarsBattle for Mars Game

Plays: 5818
Category: Action
Fight the aliens on mars in this epic battle for resources. Aim and shoot with your mouse. Use cursor keys or WASD to move the tank around the bottom of the screen.
Play Bubble MadnessBubble Madness Game

Plays: 5432
Category: Other
Collect all of the bubbles with your own bubble. But be careful! The more bubbles you collect the bigger you'll grow and dodging the sinking mines will become very hard.
Play Match 3 NeonMatch 3 Neon Game

Plays: 5404
Category: BoardGame
Match the neon's, gain points and level up. How far can you get?

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