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Play Gravity ShiftGravity Shift Game

Plays: 2978
Category: Action
Shift gravity around in this fun physics/matching game. Match same colored bricks while avoiding blocking the center.

Plays: 2975
Category: Adventure
the spaceship has lost controls, you must orbit planets using only you single direction rocket and the momentum provided by the gravity of the planets.
Play Gravity Football 2Gravity Football 2 Game

Plays: 2974
Category: Sports
Play the entire world cup as any of the 32 national teams!
Play Booger SniperBooger Sniper Game

Plays: 2962
Category: Shooting
When your ammunition is this disgusting, how can you resist? Take aim with your nose candy and fling it carefully to hit your many targets.
Play 3D Plywood Maze3D Plywood Maze Game

Plays: 2953
Category: Action
Escape This Plywood Maze By Moving The Wood Ball.
Play Gravity PigGravity Pig Game

Plays: 2926
Category: Action
Using gravity, thrusters, and upgradable weapons, defend your pig realm from alien invaders!
Play RageGameRageGame Game

Plays: 2926
Category: Other
Steer the jetpack guy through narrow spaces, long paths, and moving stuff!
Play Attracting Twist!Attracting Twist! Game

Plays: 2914
Category: Action
Literally a twist to chain reaction games! Use the particles of destroyed enemies within a rotatable world! With a level-based "Challenge Mode", a pressure-free "Relax Mode" and the hyper crazy "Extreme Mode"! Ready For The Ride?
Play Floating Boxes of WonderFloating Boxes of Wonder Game

Plays: 2907
Category: Action
Floating Boxes of Wonder is a multiplayer action game in which you compete against your friends/enemy's to win the competition and gain bragging right. You can customize your competition and even play solo.
Play TinyNukeTinyNuke Game

Plays: 2895
Category: Action
Navigate round the little galaxy as a dangerous nuke, destroying the planet you’re on in order to reach a neighbouring globe.
Play PixelotlPixelotl Game

Plays: 2894
Category: Puzzles
Pixelotl is a 2D puzzle-platformer in which the player controls a salamander-like creature who on a mission to save his friends. He does this by going through fifty levels split into five different worlds, each with different themes and challenges. Unique in this game is the use of elastic platforms/blocks and a controllable gravitational field. While most platformers have rigid and stationary platforms, we instead have different colored blocks which move fluidly and react to the player. Also, when the user holds down a key, he can increase the gravity around him, making him much heavier and triggering interactions with nearby blocks.
Play Red Shape AlertRed Shape Alert Game

Plays: 2893
Category: Action
Red shapes are invading the world of shapes. Remove certain blocks and use gravity to get rid of all the red shapes off the screen.
Play G-BlocksG-Blocks Game

Plays: 2865
Category: Puzzles
Manipulate gravity, stack or destroy blocks, and head for the goal in this challenging puzzler!
Play Point GrabberPoint Grabber Game

Plays: 2854
Category: Action
Grab as many points as you can before the time runs out! 1 yellow dot = +1 point 1 yellow dot = +30 time dieing = -2 points you start with 500 time
Play Moon deliveryMoon delivery Game

Plays: 2849
Category: Action
Game of the ship, which must deliver the goods from planet to the moon. Collecting goods in outer space. Struggling against gravity. Avoiding asteroids, volcanoes, and cryo-volcanoes. In a collision with an asteroid ship damage. When injected into the volcano ship is damaged, and if it was frozen thawed. When injected into the cryo-volcano ship frozen for some time.
Play StarshineStarshine Game

Plays: 2832
Category: Puzzles
Starshine is a puzzle game - you must collect the stars with your gravity affected comet in the shortest time possible, to get the best score!
Play GravitasGravitas Game

Plays: 2821
Category: Puzzles
Guide your ball to the portal collecting stars and fighting gravity on the way! Watch out for the blocks!
Play OtrailOtrail Game

Plays: 2814
Category: Puzzles
The game is centered on getting enough points to move on to the next level under a restricted time limit. You control a paddle which allows you to bounce a ball and keep it from falling and being destroyed. The balls bounce height can be manipulated by pressing up or down as the ball hits the paddle. Using those simple techniques you must complete the levels objective to gain points. There are no lives or number of balls to worry about. The only thing that restricts you is the time limit on the level. The games game play is simplistic but continually addictive throughout the games 20 unique and progressively challenging levels. Although the game play is not incredible fast it requires quick reflexes as well as short term strategy (some luck is also involved).
Play Face ShotFace Shot Game

Plays: 2814
Category: Shooting
Shoot the face in each of the 25 levels
Play Enemy Planet(modified)Enemy Planet(modified) Game

Plays: 2807
Category: Shooting
You have to launch a space ship to travel in space, land on the enemy planet, and destroy rocket launchers using a robot, that is equipped with a laser gun. -Press up/down arrow keys to move the spaceship in up/down directions. -Avoid hitting the rockets and asteroids during the space voyage. -Your satellite is attracted due to gravity pull by the other orbiting planets in space. Avoid hitting them by moving away from them. -After the satellite lands on the enemy planet, press the up/down arrow keys to move the robot in up/down directions, and to avoid enemy rockets. -The laser gun automatically fires and destroys the enemy rockets, asteroids and rocket launchers.

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