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Online gravity Games
Play Grasp The BallsGrasp The Balls Game

Plays: 2785
Category: Other
Keep the balls from falling under the screen using a paddle attached to your mouse. Use the 3 bars to help you and press space to freeze the balls in place.
Play Pop Pop SlidePop Pop Slide Game

Plays: 2759
Category: Puzzles
Find matches and pop them like usual. But then choose which direction for gravity to pull! A New Twist to a Classic Game Style!

Plays: 2759
Category: Adventure
Jump on the bricks to activate them. Activate all bricks to complete the level.
Play EpsilonEpsilon Game

Plays: 2713
Category: Action
Going with what seems to be the current trend, I've made my version of a portal game. The challenges are based around solving tasks using various fictional technologies discovered as a result of the LHC experiment, primarily wormhole manipulation. Other methods include gravity shift, time reversal, and general cognitive dexterity.
Play Its Like GravityIts Like Gravity Game

Plays: 2712
Category: Puzzles
A unique physics based puzzle game where you control gravity and remove objects to make the ball reach the flag.
Play 3D Wood Ball3D Wood Ball Game

Plays: 2696
Category: Action
Fantastic 3D Physical game where you must escape a world made of wood panels using a wood ball.
Play Life TurnLife Turn Game

Plays: 2674
Category: Puzzles
He was a usual boy, until he found a gravity changing device. Now he can do exciting things and you need to help him..... Life Turn is a logical platformer. Try to complete puzzles, using your ability to change gravity.
Play GravityBoxGravityBox Game

Plays: 2665
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle/action-game where the goal is to get the ball to the goal by steering the ball with objects and gravity.
Play Apple HunterApple Hunter Game

Plays: 2638
Category: Puzzles
Make the hedgehogs roll over in the right direction turning static items into dynamic ones to collect all the apples avoiding the bad spikes! Different bonuses that they meet on the way change their size and break all the gravity rules! The fewer clicks you make the higher score you will get!
Play Dusty BrowDusty Brow's Bottle Rocket Game

Plays: 2625
Category: Action
The earth is about to be attacked by ufo's, it is up to you to rescue your friends and family by launching a rocket powerful enough to escape the earth's gravity.
Play Gravital rescueGravital rescue Game

Plays: 2609
Category: Adventure
In this game you take control of a rocket that has to rescue escape pods and arrive to it's destination. The game simulates planets with atraction according to their size, and also features black holes and asteroids. 20 fun packed and challenging levels.
Play Contrast CannonContrast Cannon Game

Plays: 2599
Category: Action
Don't let reverse gravity stop you from staying on target.
Play Superior BallSuperior Ball Game

Plays: 2594
Category: Puzzles
Draw lines to make the ball reach the flag. The game is packed with barriers, bombs, speed-areas, gravity-arrows, portals and much more! Submit your score thought 10 diffrent levels. When you have played the levels you think the game is finished - but its not, there is a total-score leaderboard too. Your best score of each level will always be saved. - So if you get a better score on a level, your total score also will be better!
Play Climbing Clive & The Rolling RascalsClimbing Clive & The Rolling Rascals Game

Plays: 2583
Category: Action
Fast paced mini-platformer where your objective is to quickly place platforms to climb over evil rolling rascals. Each level has its unique gravity, speed and other settings, which makes the game easy to play but hard to master.
Play OrbitsOrbits Game

Plays: 2569
Category: Other
Click near a ship to change its trajectory, collect coins, and land safely on planets!
Play Galactic DodgeballGalactic Dodgeball Game

Plays: 2564
Category: Action
Move the Earth around with the power of your mouse to dodge the waves of asteroids attracted to you by gravity. Get them in a close orbit to destroy them or pick up a Gravity Blast and shoot them out to space. The Earth will explode after 3 hits from anything so watch out! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those having trouble figuring out how to get asteroids to orbit you, check out the video url below...
Play TumbleTumble Game

Plays: 2530
Category: Puzzles
Twist the maze and use gravity guide our hero, Tumble, to his goal. Can you solve every level and save the Sunchild?
Play Hard roadHard road Game

Plays: 2528
Category: Action
Shooter game with of elements racing. 9 unique levels. Traps, gravity fields, different type of enemies. 3 type of location. 3 different weapons.
Play OrbitalOrbital Game

Plays: 2523
Category: Puzzles
Use gravity and well timed rocket thrusts to slingshot your ship around the planets, collecting stars and destroying debris while saving fuel and minimising time taken.
Play Gravity GridGravity Grid Game

Plays: 2521
Category: Action
Connect the blocks by rotating or flipping the grid in this clever and addictive puzzle game!

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