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Play TilezMaze2TilezMaze2 Game

Plays: 3211
Category: Puzzles
The object of the game is to guide the ball to the end of the maze towards the green blinking portal. In order to move the ball, you use the arrow keys. Everytime you compleate a level, there will be a short pause (1 second) so you can recover from the last level. So don't be alarmed if the ball stops for a second, its susposed to! There are "in-game" instructions based on each level. They will help you know what to do, but make sure you don't fall off the tiles! Every tile has a little bit different function. Some will cause you to slide, others will break, causing you to die. Be careful when your moving throughout the maze. Make sure you have fun :]
Play Neon AvoiderNeon Avoider Game

Plays: 3209
Category: Puzzles
A neon glowing mouse avoider game. Avoid the green walls while you try to reach the red circle. click the "Make This Game" button to learn how to make this game.
Play BlindballBlindball Game

Plays: 3209
Category: Action
The game is simple, all you need to do is guide a ball to the finish using placed tools of the users choice, there are twenty levels with each a unique layout and different path to complete that level.
Play Dark AgeDark Age Game

Plays: 3206
Category: Shooting
Explore castles and dungeons. Destroy ghouls, ogres, bats, and other evil creatures as you fight to restore balance to the land. Excitement, action, and escape are the key elements that make Darkage an engaging game. The player must find his way through a network of mazes, which are populated by hundreds of creatures. Armed with an everlasting supply of knives, the player must fight his way through to the level, collecting keys, treasure, and health.
Play CrazeMazeCrazeMaze Game

Plays: 3189
Category: Action
CrazeMaze! Compete against other players to complete this maze and post the highest score!
Play X Green MazeX Green Maze Game

Plays: 3187
Category: Puzzles
Exit this 3d green brick maze the faster possible.
Play Steady HandsSteady Hands Game

Plays: 3185
Category: Puzzles
Steady Hands! is a fun game to test out your skills with your mouse! The many different mazes requires you to control a ball through twists and turns to finally arrive at the end point. Think you are up to it? Then challenge the 14 levels and try to avoid dying as much as possible!
Play No Way OutNo Way Out Game

Plays: 3162
Category: Puzzles
No Way Out is a maze type game where you are asked to make it to the end of each level by traversing through a series of unmarked rooms and doors. Speed is the key, as a faster time will better your score. You can replay any levels that you have already beaten to try and better your score. Once you have completed all twenty levels you will receive a total highscore that you can submit to our highscores page to see if you have what it takes to beat the best of the best.
Play AR MazeAR Maze Game

Plays: 3158
Category: Puzzles
Fun game! Can you beat it?
Play Puzzle FortressPuzzle Fortress Game

Plays: 3157
Category: Action
Puzzle Fortress is an action-puzzle/maze game. Murakan aliens have kidnapped an important senator of the Galactic Congress. You must infiltrate the aptly named Puzzle Fortress, rescue the dignitary, and destroy the fortress.
Play Typo RunTypo Run Game

Plays: 3156
Category: Puzzles
Collect letters in order to form the target words presented at the top of the screen.
Play Reincarnation: RileyReincarnation: Riley's Out Again Game

Plays: 3153
Category: Action
Guide the demon on his path to locating the reincarny Riley and taking him back to hell with you. Be sure to play the first game to know what is going on. However, it can still be fun without knowing too. Question to all fans of the game: Would you like a 3rd one, and if so, would you rather it take place in a circus or a voodoo town? Either way i got some really cool ideas for it. Update – 4-21-09 The people have spoken and I have listened. I’ve had the locker recoded to make it easier. As far as the maze goes, when i originally wrote the game back in 2008 I thought the maze would of been a fun idea. It was a pain not only for my coder, but you guys as well and I’ll never do a maze again. I’m sorry!
Play An A-MAZE-ING AdventureAn A-MAZE-ING Adventure Game

Plays: 3140
Category: Action
Make your way through 11 mazes while avoiding dangerous elements and enemies! Guide your mouse through each maze while collecting gems on your way to the hidden treasure! Features all original music and sounds with comic book style cut scenes.
Play Jet MazeJet Maze Game

Plays: 3134
Category: Action
Pilot your jet through a mid air maze. Don't get suckered into dead ends. Watch for sharp turns!
Play ExomazeExomaze Game

Plays: 3127
Category: Puzzles
A small maze game
Play SantaSanta's Magic Sack Game

Plays: 3103
Category: Action
Reach into Santa's Magic Sack and see if you can pull out the gift of your dreams!
Play 3D Plywood Maze3D Plywood Maze Game

Plays: 3098
Category: Action
Escape This Plywood Maze By Moving The Wood Ball.
Play Addictive Maze: No chanceAddictive Maze: No chance Game

Plays: 3094
Category: Action
Maze game very addictive and hard to finish, test your accuracy and speed to try to win in this difficult game.
Play 3D Car And Maze 23D Car And Maze 2 Game

Plays: 3082
Category: Action
You are lost in a maze with a sport car and you must escape.
Play Seven MazesSeven Mazes Game

Plays: 3078
Category: Puzzles
Seven mazes, seven floors, the sum is the key. Can you get out alive?

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