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Play piper1.1piper1.1 Game

Plays: 1419
Category: Puzzles
Piper is a puzzle game where players build increasingly complex pipe using pipe-pieces. The hardest water pipe splicing game there are 75 passes, waiting for your challenge 75 passes 75 splendidness there are 11 types of pipes, countless challenges, that is a game you never play relaxtion, leisure, intellectual development, if you want to play this kind of game, please come to play piper there are many ways to find the answer, how many ways can you find it? play piper, challenge your ability, have you played piper today? v1.1.0 change log * add new 32 easy levels * fix some bugs
Play Monkey GroomerMonkey Groomer Game

Plays: 1411
Category: Other
Pick the bugs off the monkey's back before they spawn.

Plays: 1402
Category: Shooting
A game about true love! Reviews welcome! Update: some difficulty smoothing, made level 3 and 4 a bit shorter, fixed some bugs The name of the song is "Care by Kaada" -- Florian and Edmund
Play Crazy AvalancheCrazy Avalanche Game

Plays: 1358
Category: Action
Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome. I am a Flash video game developer. I have been teaching myself Adobe Flash, on and off, for a little over a year now. This is my first game I’ve ever completely developed. I will appreciate it if everyone can play just once and enjoy! Tell me what you think! Please leave any feedback (any whatsoever; good or bad), rate, and please send me any bugs discovered. Thank you and enjoy.
Play Space FarmSpace Farm Game

Plays: 1337
Category: Adventure
Your task is to help main character build up his farm. You'll need to buy soil, plant seeds and grow plants. Sometimes you'll have to fight bugs or face drought. In order to develop your farm, you'll need to run many research programs in the lab. Every plant has its own individual demands about watering and weeding, so all the time you'll have to act fast or you'll loose your crops. But if you work hard, you can make this farm the most prosperous farm in the universe.
Play bugs attackbugs attack Game

Plays: 1329
Category: Action
shoot the bugs ...
Play Spatiz MantiSpatiz Manti Game

Plays: 1312
Category: Action
An alien race called the Spatiz Manti is coming to feast on Mankind! Set up defenses to blow these bugs back to space. In this cool tower defense game you have blaster turrets, flamethrowers, mines, bombs, helicopters, and more. Destroy the invading alien army, and save the world!
Play Sebastian ISebastian I Game

Plays: 1226
Category: Adventure
Sebastian was king of Portugal when he was only three years, and assumed the governance of the country with 14 years. The objective of this game is help Sebastian to protect your castle from arachnid attack. This Sebastian's mission is to push stones at the insect invaders.Quick! When too many bugs crawl into the windows, they'll start eating the all castle food.
Play Linsips, revisedLinsips, revised Game

Plays: 1185
Category: Puzzles
Simple but addictive game. Put together the balls in four blocks. If all four blocks have the same balls you will have more points. Get the highest score. Good luck! Update: Few bugs fixed.
Play JungleAdventureJungleAdventure Game

Plays: 1171
Category: Action
Pique want to go mushrooming.Use your arrow key to help him avoid the bugs and get all the mushrooms.
Play killbugskillbugs Game

Plays: 1038
Category: Shooting
Play HoneyLandHoneyLand Game

Plays: 982
Category: Driving
Help bees to fill the beehive with honey. Direct bees to beehive using mouse. Be attention on other bugs flying around, donot collide with them. Get all flowers on bee's path and get bonus points. Three game levels. Enjoy!
Play FroggyFroggy's Way Game

Plays: 945
Category: Action
Help Froggy find his way by jumping from platform to platform, remember that all insects are not good to eat.
Play RandobotRandobot Game

Plays: 893
Category: Action
Sometimes we must deal with faulty systems. Even when the Universe is at stake. Lead the glitchy robot to the core and collect energy pellets to fix him along the way.
Play Lady Bug SolitaireLady Bug Solitaire Game

Plays: 879
Category: Puzzles
Scare away bugs by flying over them with another bug. Try to leave the least number of bugs possible. Only horizontal and vertical flights are allowed. Every turn, you must fly over exactly one bug.
Play Fly SwatterFly Swatter Game

Plays: 841
Category: Other
This is a game still in beta. You will have to hit the lady bug before she escapes. it will become faster over time as level progresses
Play Little Princes RoseLittle Princes Rose Game

Plays: 827
Category: Shooting
There are so many bugs that the roses of prince cannot grow very well. Would you kindly help the little prince clear bugs away from those beautiful roses?
Play Mega Slime Two Player Edition x2Mega Slime Two Player Edition x2 Game

Plays: 801
Category: Action
The year is 8xxx, slime world is a peaceful place to live but to the unknowing there is darkness growing. An evil call Oda that was sealed away is now about to break his hundred year seal. Only the legendary Mega Slime can stop this evil. Long ago he locked himself away with the evil to save the world. But now that the seal is broken and Oda and his army are back, it’s up to Mega Slime to stop them and save the world! Fixed a lot of bugs with player 2 Fixed level bugs
Play Bug RampageBug Rampage Game

Plays: 794
Category: Action
Bugs war
Play Bubble BugBubble Bug Game

Plays: 790
Category: Action
Let's play with the ladybugs in the relaxing countryside! Your goal in this game is to catch the flying bugs with bubbles. At the start of each level you will be given a specific passing rate, and you need to reach the target in order to proceed. In the game you will be given a bubble blower, and you can use your mouse to move it around. Click your mouse to inflate a bubble when a ladybug approaches, then release to catch the bug. Remember not to hold the mouse button for too long or the bubble will burst and the bugs will fly away. Each successfully caught bug gives 200 points. Embrace the warm sunshine and the gift of nature!

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