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Play Dream Escape Pt 1Dream Escape Pt 1 Game

Plays: 760
Category: Adventure
Elan is trapped in a dream world and needs to get out. Move your way through the game. Type in what you want to do. Press the UP ARROW key or "ENTER" for submitting text, and press "SHIFT" or "BACKSPACE" to backspace. IMPORTANT! Make sure that you don't stray away from the game if you want to press BACKSPACE, or else the whole page might go back!! Type "T" or "TUT" or "INSTRUCTIONS" to see the game tutorial on the game. Let me know if there's bugs. If you're stuck, type "H" or "HELP" or "HINT" to see what else can be done in your current area.

Plays: 727
Category: Adventure
Bug Mario is an ultimate truly endless Platformer. Player is supposed to avoid colliding with bugs or insects around him and keep moving around using the planks. His live extends as long as the health is available which he gets by running on new planks. The objective of player is to live as long as possible with out colliding the bugs and with out running out of health.
Play NainaNaina Game

Plays: 698
Category: Adventure
Naina is a cute vertical style platformer game that is end less. Naina is supposed to avoid colliding with mystic characters around him and keep moving around using the stoned steps. Her life extends as long as the health is available which she gets by running on new steps. The objective of player is to live as long as possible with out colliding the enemies and with out running out of health.
Play DeadtonatorzDeadtonatorz Game

Plays: 685
Category: Puzzles
1. Destroy horde of zombies under Dr. Maynard Bomberbugs supervision in five hazardous areas. 2. Tactic is essential. The more you rage, the more difficult it will be. 3. Watch your surroundings to work out your way eliminating zombies. 4. Defeat all the unique zombies with your magnificent bugs.
Play Bugs TrailBugs Trail Game

Plays: 649
Category: Strategy
Bugs Trail game, destroying five same color to earn points by bringing beetle will work side by side. Play it again immediately after the entry by clicking on the entry and clicks on the play by using your mouse for at least 5 to destroy the same color to earn points by bringing beetle will work side by side. You can see the colors on the right to come after you make the move. Good luck.
Play Famous Filthy KidsFamous Filthy Kids Game

Plays: 646
Category: Dress-Up
Today we have a fun new game for you in which you will meet three lovely famous kids: little Gaga, little Jack Sparrow and little Prince William. These kids have played outside and now they are really filthy and covered in dirt. You will have to remove all the branches and the bugs from their hair and then give them a bubbly bath and cover them in soap!
Play Super Appleman Sky BattleSuper Appleman Sky Battle Game

Plays: 638
Category: Other
Green Super Appleman is skill at sky battle whose shield will auto-defend when under attack in the sky.
Play Star Swarms: Invasion!Star Swarms: Invasion! Game

Plays: 637
Category: Action
Fight for your life against countless alien insects. Collect power ups and upgrade your ship. You will need all your skill against the intelligence of the swarm! Alone in the galaxy, left behind by your companions, expandable for your boss. Could you survive and come back for revenge?
Play Space Invasion - First ContactSpace Invasion - First Contact Game

Plays: 626
Category: Adventure
- Alien race have searched the Cosmos for habitable planets. Find out what happens when they will find planet Earth. - Use your suit’s special abilities to defend planet earth and crash the enemy. - Collect power up boxes to restore your suit. - Collect red scrap (science points) to upgrade your weapons and suit. 3 red scrap pieces give you 1 science point. - I added a bit different mechanics than other shooters, you have 5 initial suits to use and new suits are produces every 1.5 minutes. - This game is a basic shooter, and it is my first real game project. I wanted to cover all aspects that a game can contain, so please tell me your thoughts, impressions, but also bugs/problems. This is a tryout to see if I can enter the flash gaming industry. - Graphics used from the Scion Developer Toolbox and
Play MasakratorMasakrator Game

Plays: 610
Category: Action
Masakrator is an addictive top-bottom shoot-em-up game. The player must fight hordes of alien bugs on a remote planet. After a kill aliens drop orbs which the player can use to upgrade his weapons. But that is not enough to advance the levels which are getting more and more difficult. The player also needs to hone his skills in order to keep playing. What makes this game unique besides its great game mechanics is the original graphics and animation. Targeted for casual players but can be enjoyed even by hardcore gamers. This game includes some (fantasy) violence.
Play bug huntingbug hunting Game

Plays: 597
Category: Adventure
Use the arrow keys to move the frog in the direction you want to go and collect the required amount of bugs to complete each pond.
Play StarSue kill bugsStarSue kill bugs Game

Plays: 579
Category: Action
StarSue meet the biggest trouble when having dinner can you help her?
Play Find LadybugsFind Ladybugs Game

Plays: 534
Category: Other
Bet yourself on scanning all the 25 bugs from this wide forest. Employ a sharp eye and team it with smart reflexes, to fight the zeroing timer and make all the catches just in time.
Play DropLabDropLab Game

Plays: 519
Category: Puzzles
DropLab is a match 3 puzzle game. Drop bugs on the grid to create rows and columns of 3 or more bugs with matching colours. These will be vaporised and the bug juice will fill the test tubes at the bottom of the screen.
Play Math Bug EaterMath Bug Eater Game

Plays: 493
Category: Action
Awesome math game for kids. Collect prime numbers. Click and hold mouse to levitate venus trap.
Play NTBugNTBug Game

Plays: 474
Category: Action
Cut or shake to eliminate the naughty bugs! Mobile ready!
Play Leaves of WealthLeaves of Wealth Game

Plays: 472
Category: Strategy
You've planted the seed that can lead to your wealth. As it grows, nourish it by squashing bugs and giving it fertilizer, while collecting the tasty bits its grown. A brief indie game where quick decisions will keep a tree growing longer, free of birds and other pests, and allow a good harvest of tubers and berries.
Play Battle Bugs AttacksBattle Bugs Attacks Game

Plays: 457
Category: Puzzles
Free online addictive tower defence strategy game by Your task is to defence the food on the table from insects. There are 5 various weapons that can be bought. Put the weapon into special cells. Skill 5 levels with 20 waves of enemies in each. Start the exciting table defence and publish the best result.
Play Bug BreakerBug Breaker Game

Plays: 452
Category: Puzzles
Use your puzzle powers to set bugs free! Release trapped bugs by matching like-color hexagons. Place the hexagons in any valid space or rotate them into position before placing them on the board. Featuring 50 challenging levels, 3 difficulty settings, and loads of fun power-ups, Bug Breaker is crawling with fun. Play now!
Play GalactiansGalactians Game

Plays: 445
Category: Action
Fight back the invasion of the aliens! Start the engines of your starfighter and show these alien bugs what you are made of! Watch their diving closely and score the big points as they sweep closer to you. The faster your wipe them out the more bonus points you score. Get a high core and compete with your friends in this addicting and fun space shooter!

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