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Online Jumping Games
Play Maya JumpMaya Jump Game

Plays: 3586
Category: Action
Jump as high as possible with your Maya character by jumping on Mayan Artifacts. You have 5 attempts to get the highest score.
Play Crazy BeeCrazy Bee Game

Plays: 3555
Category: Action
Jump over the platforms. Kill all bad insects jumping over his heads.
Play Jumping JennyJumping Jenny Game

Plays: 3549
Category: Action
Jump n' climb as high as possible. Use the mouse to set jumping angle and power, release the mouse button to jump and try to land on a platform. Beware of moving and shrinking platforms, and use your superjump power to clear tough situations.
Play Pirate jumpPirate jump Game

Plays: 3541
Category: Adventure
Pirate jump is a funny quick addictiv game, the aim is to jump higher!
Play HopiHopi Game

Plays: 3537
Category: Action
The rabbit doesn't know how to fly. Oh really? In this game one rabbit is trying to reach the sky. Jump over the exploding balloons and try to touch the clouds.
Play UnderneathUnderneath Game

Plays: 3526
Category: Action
Seriously, robots. Stop falling down caves and having adventures already. Thinking you're all cool with your platforming and gem collecting, all strutting around using the arrow keys and jumping by pressing X. If you love caves so much, why don't you marry one, robot? Ugh. Freaking robots.
Play Nitro PlatformNitro Platform Game

Plays: 3522
Category: Strategy
Collect stars jumping from block to block but, be careful! Blocks will start to explode, the more you jump, the more blocks will explode. Good luck!
Play PiPi The Jumping BubblePiPi The Jumping Bubble Game

Plays: 3513
Category: Action
Hit the bubbles to make PiPi go upwards!
Play Enlarge your underpantsEnlarge your underpants Game

Plays: 3511
Category: Action
Your objective in this jumping game is to keep your bear bouncing through the beach for as long as possible. The game starts when you pull and release the character's pants (note for non UK players: pants are underwear not trousers). The more you pull, the faster he will go. Tap the screen when you find a suitable pull on your bear's pants. You can score bonuses by landing on SUPER or HELPER bears (see the in-game instructions). There are also characters with special abilities (see instructions for more info). Have fun!
Play Crab Attack 3Crab Attack 3 Game

Plays: 3506
Category: Action
Run, jump, and avoid all the killer crabs!
Play Midnight Ninja LeapingMidnight Ninja Leaping Game

Plays: 3503
Category: Action
Yumi is a ninja and she has been left with the task to find as many ninja stars as she can. Maybe you can help her as she leaps through the air to complete her quest. But look out for the bombs, and try not to fall!
Play Jumping FunJumping Fun Game

Plays: 3498
Category: Adventure
This game is complete fun with 10 difficulty levels and amazing graphics. Its a single key game. In order to complete any level the player need to reach at the other end of the river by jumping on floating objects. While doing this the player needs to avoid falling in river. It's not an easy task as you need to have very good judgment and skills to do so.
Play Click GoalClick Goal Game

Plays: 3487
Category: Action
Control the ball and bring it to the goal point.
Play Jungle BootyJungle Booty Game

Plays: 3456
Category: Action
Andrea likes treasure. Help her get some by jumping up the jungle vine trampolines at the ancient jungle temple!
Play MaximMaxim's Day Out Game

Plays: 3432
Category: Sports
It's a bright sunny day and you're out in the park along with Maxim, your pet puppy. In this nice little game you've to make Maxim ride a skateboard and jump into the air, to catch the frisbees flying by. You've got 2 minutes to try and grab as many frisbees as you can. Move the skateboard around and time his jump accurately, and Maxim will catch the frisbee for you. If you manage to catch a record number of frisbees, you can post your score to the high score table. Have Fun.
Play the Acrobatsthe Acrobats Game

Plays: 3428
Category: Action
Two little squirrels want to join the circus, and they have to impress the carnivale management. Their trick is simple, one is jumping on the head of the other. Find yourself in this situation and help them to get maximum score to impress the jury.
Play keep running 6keep running 6 Game

Plays: 3415
Category: Action
keep running,keep jumping avoid poker.
Play jumping smilesjumping smiles Game

Plays: 3401
Category: Other
jump and collect little smiles.
Play Pump Tire JumpPump Tire Jump Game

Plays: 3396
Category: Action
Pumpkin enjoys allot jumping on tires. What he does not enjoy is falling down or hitting a bird while he is jumping.
Play Dais Dash - Graveyard EditionDais Dash - Graveyard Edition Game

Plays: 3383
Category: Action
Leap over the graveyard obstacles. Can YOU get the highest score?

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