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Hovercraft Game

Plays: 61419
Category: Adventure
Aliens have landed in the Adrian desert. You have to destroy their weapons using your hovercraft gun.
Build your own Railway track. Game

Plays: 50284
Category: Action
Build your own railway track by clicking on the rail segment buttons on the top. You can build a rectangular track by clicking the respective railway track buttons. Press the start button to start the game and play button to move the train engine.
Exploding UFOs Game

Plays: 30911
Category: Shooting
Controls: Drag the mouse to aim, and click the mouse to fire rockets. Shoot the UFOs by clicking on them. Updates: Laser gun at wave no: 4. Space mines at wave no: 8. Number of waves to win the game: 15.
Jungle Book Game

Plays: 20939
Category: Adventure
The hunter goes into a jungle, and discovers many things. Let us share with him his experiences. Use RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to move the hunter.
Ghost Buster Game

Plays: 17745
Category: Shooting
Move the mouse to aim the bullets. Click the mouse to fire the bullets.
Two Player Soccer Game

Plays: 14690
Category: Sports
Play and win five rounds of soccer game and become a champ.
One Man Army Game

Plays: 12810
Category: Shooting
Reach the destination killing all the enemies. Press Space bar to move your player. Move the mouse to rotate the player's gun. Press the mouse to fire.
Design your own zombie game Game

Plays: 12770
Category: Action
Select your own parameters in the design of this game, and win all the levels.
Save the Blue Whale Game

Plays: 11847
Category: Shooting
Save the blue whale in the sea from the harpoons by shooting down and destroying the harpoons. Press LEFT, and RIGHT arrow keys to rotate the helicopter rocket. Press space bar to fire rockets . If you hit the harpoon you get 10 points. If the harpoon hits the whale, the health of the whale gets reduced by 10%. If the health of the whale becomes zero the game ends.
Save The Creeps Game

Plays: 9232
Category: Shooting
Save the creeps by firing the gun. Click Space bar to fire the bullets. Press Left/Right keys to rotate the gun. If a creep is hit by the spitfire from the enemy the creep is killed. If all the creeps are killed the game ends. If any one creep remains alive in a level, you go to next level.
Roach Killer Game

Plays: 9090
Category: Action
Kill the nasty roaches.
Jumping Frog Game

Plays: 7920
Category: Action
Press the mouse and drag the paddle to a suitable position. Release the mouse to make frog hit the paddle, fly and land on a platform.
Bacteria Game

Plays: 7789
Category: Action
A deadly bacteria attacks the lady in the movie. If no medicine is administered the patient dies in a few minutes. There is only one antibiotic injection available presently. If this injection is given, the bacterial count gets reduced after reaching a peak value, and the patient survives. If the injection is not given the patient dies after a few minutes.
Nail Bed Game

Plays: 7679
Category: Action
Drag the carpet and hit the clown. If the clown hits the balloon you score one point. If the clown hits the nails the game ends.
Joy Ride Game

Plays: 7247
Category: Action
Take a joy ride in your smart car.

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