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Free Online Achyut Flash Games
Stickman Sky Walk Game

Plays: 4146
Category: Action
Make the stickman reach the last box and meet the king.
Endless Rampage Game

Plays: 4098
Category: Action
End the enemy rampage by shooting down waves of the enemies
Ski Jump-1 Game

Plays: 4078
Category: Sports
Press the mouse and draw a line using pencil tool from the white dot at left - top to the right of the screen. After drawing the line click the play button. If the skier lands on any target platforms he earns bonus points. If he lands on the ground or hits a bird he loses his health by 10%. If his health reduces to zero the game ends.
Spill the Beans Game

Plays: 4049
Category: Action
Make the bug eat the beans. For moving the bug use ARROW keys. For making the bug eat the beans that are inside the tray, perform the required tasks according to the hints shown on the screen.
Quick Golf Game

Plays: 4035
Category: Sports
Play quick golf, complete the nine holes with minimum pars.
Zombie Boxer Game

Plays: 3988
Category: Sports
Punch the zombie and win a round. If you are hit on your head there may be a knockout.
Alchemist Game

Plays: 3949
Category: Action
Fire colored balls at the enemy, taking care to see that the color of the ball and that of the enemy are the same.
Hidden Zombies Game

Plays: 3941
Category: Action
The aim of the game is to flush out all the 20 zombies hiding in several objects, and kill them in minimum time.
Get The Clue Game

Plays: 3935
Category: Puzzles
Get the clues to play the game. What you can do: -Press LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the player. -Press UP arrow key to make the player jump. -Move the mouse over the screen and click on objects. -Pickup objects and use them when needed. -Hit the objects on the screen. -Press space bar to fire bullets from the hero. (Part 2). -You have to perform the above tasks, not necessarily in the same order.
Guard the Castle Game

Plays: 3898
Category: Shooting
Move the mouse to rotate the gun. Click the mouse to fire the rockets.
Crazy Tanks Game

Plays: 3870
Category: Action
Destroy 100 tanks and win the game. Update weaponry with a chopper.
Snake Game Game

Plays: 3837
Category: Action
Use the arrow keys to move the snake towards the food. If the snake hits the food you get one point. If the snake hits the boundaries you lose one point.
Zombie King Game

Plays: 3788
Category: Action
You are the zombie king in this game. Move around the ground using the mouse, and touch your victims with your magic wand to infect them. If you infect your victim several times your victim turns himself into a zombie.
Shoot a Tank-2 Game

Plays: 3785
Category: Shooting
Press the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the tank. Press CONTROL to stop the tank. Press the SPACE bar to fire bullets from the tank's gun. Press UP, and DOWN arrow keys to rotate the tank's gun. If the tank's bullets hit the enemy plane you get 10 points. If rockets from the enemy plane hit the tank, the tank loses its health by 5%. If the tank's health becomes zero the game ends.
Save the Golden Eggs Game

Plays: 3748
Category: Shooting
Save the golden eggs from the eagles by shooting down the eagles with your gun. Drag and click the mouse to drag your gun and fire bullets. If you can save all the eggs laid by the hen you go to next level. There are as many levels as you can play.

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