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Gold Room Escape Game

Plays: 2743
Category: Puzzles
Search for gold and jewerly, then get the key and escape the room!
Steal Gems And Escape Game

Plays: 2734
Category: Adventure
This time your task is to find 10 valuable gems for your collection, search house, unlock safes and solve all riddles to collect gems, then find the key and escape from house. Good luck!!
Gold Room Escape Halloween Game

Plays: 2686
Category: Adventure
Ghost locked you in a gold room, your task is to find seven green slimes, then search for key and escape gold room. Good Luck!
Christmas Candy Canes Game

Plays: 2674
Category: Puzzles
Explore rooms and search for 30 Christmas candy canes, solve all puzzles to get them all, then escape. Try to find all candy canes as fast as you can to receive better score. Good Luck!
Concrete Basement Escape 2 Game

Plays: 2666
Category: Adventure
Solve all puzzles to obtain 4 hidden coins and key, then escape from concrete basement! Good Luck!
Balloon Magic Adventure - chapter 1 Game

Plays: 2666
Category: Puzzles
Help balloon to find lost energy sphere in roder to continue journey through magic lands.
Hidden Cash Ventspils Game

Plays: 2664
Category: Adventure
Search for hidden cash Ventspils city. Each picture contains 5 hidden banknotes and one hidden coin, game contains 10 pictures of Ventspils, game will end after 300 seconds of game time. Player task is to find all banknotes and coins as fast as possible.
15 Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 2663
Category: Adventure
Explore house, search for 15 hidden crystals... solve all puzzles to get necessary crystals and key, then escape from this place.
Numbscape: room Game

Plays: 2662
Category: Adventure
Search for 10 hidden colour-papers, solve all riddles and unlock door to escape the room!
Diamond Room Escape 3 Christmas Game

Plays: 2647
Category: Adventure
Solve all riddles and find 4 hidden diamonds, then use key and escape from the Christmas Diamond Room. Good Luck!
Escape from Fort 2 Game

Plays: 2645
Category: Adventure
Escape From Fort is escape type game, where your task is to solve different riddles, to open all doors and escape, this time your task is harder!
Hidden SpringStones Game

Plays: 2641
Category: Education
Spring is here, search for 56 hidden SpringStones. Each of the amazing pictures contains 7 hidden SpringStones. To progress to the next picture you need to find all in current picture. To become champion finish game faster than everyone else. Good Luck!
Steal Gold And Escape Game

Plays: 2640
Category: Adventure
This time your task is to steal gold, search old ruined fortification for hidden gold, solve all riddles and find all gold, then use your golden key to unlock second door and escape! Good luck and have fun!
Abandoned Base Adventure 4 Game

Plays: 2639
Category: Adventure
Next game in Abandoned Base series. Explore this location find items and solve puzzles to get all necessary items and proceed to next abandoned location.
Escape From Fort Game

Plays: 2622
Category: Adventure
You where prisoned in ancient fort. Now it's time to use your mind to escape from fort!

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