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Numbscape: Gems Room Escape 6 Game

Plays: 3521
Category: Puzzles
Explore room, search for gems and find them all to escape.
Hidden SnowFlakes Game

Plays: 3511
Category: Adventure
Search for hidden snowflakes! Each picture contains 5 hidden snowflakes, you have only 300 seconds to find all 50 snowflakes.
Diamond Room escape Summer Game

Plays: 3507
Category: Adventure
Search for hidden diamonds all over the room, find key and after all diamonds is collected escape from Summer room! Good Luck!
Valentine Day Hearts Search Game

Plays: 3506
Category: Puzzles
Search for hearts and roses for your love! Then go outside the house and drive to her!
Gold Room escape 6 Halloween Game

Plays: 3477
Category: Adventure
Collect hidden objects to solve Halloween riddles and get all hidden gold, diamonds and ruby's, then escape from gold room Halloween!
I'm Not Alive Game

Plays: 3468
Category: Adventure
You wake up in basement where strange creatures living... your task is to search for hidden objects and solve different riddles in order to escape from basement.
Steal Gold And Escape 4 Game

Plays: 3459
Category: Adventure
This game is a fourth episode of Steal Gold And Escape point and cllick adventure/room escape type game. Your task is to search for gold that is hidden in the underground abandoned bunker, solve riddles, find items and then unlock the door to escape from abandoned bunker! Good luck!
Apples Time Hidden Stars Game

Plays: 3455
Category: Adventure
Search for 40 stars, find all stars as fast as you can in order to receive more score points! Game will end when you reach 300 seconds game time or collect all stars.
Ruby Room Escape 2 Game

Plays: 3448
Category: Adventure
Solve all riddles, stole all ruby's from the room and then escape from The Ruby Room! Good Luck and have Fun!
Steal Crown and Escape 2 Remake Game

Plays: 3440
Category: Adventure
Improved remake of second episode of Steal Crown and Escape! Find unusual places in pictures and click on them to get different objects, solve riddles and find ancient crown for your collection!
Nuclear Experiment - Exploration 2 Game

Plays: 3392
Category: Adventure
Second part of radioactive point and click adventure game. After successfull mission secret agency have upgraded your suit, now suit it will filter poisoned air and mirror radiation. Your task is to search and collect 10 primary memory/micro chips then find key from new location and enter.
Diamond Park Escape Game

Plays: 3353
Category: Adventure
Diamond Park Escape is first episode of Diamond Park escape point and click adventure/escape type games. Find 11 hidden dimaonds and obtain key from gate to escape from park. Good Luck!
Hidden 100 Lati Game

Plays: 3343
Category: Adventure
Search pictures for hidden cash, each picture contains five banknotes, you have only 300 seconds to collect all 50 banknotes.
Diamond Room Escape Halloween Game

Plays: 3326
Category: Adventure
Diamond room is a room escape type point and click adventure where task is to find 4 hidden diamonds, get key and escape from room! Good Luck!
Gold Room escape 8 Game

Plays: 3281
Category: Adventure
Point and click room escape game where your task is to search for 7 pieces of gold and then unlock door with key to escape.

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