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Gold Room Escape: Halloween 2011 Game

Plays: 2031
Category: Adventure
Explore Halloween room 2011, search for hidden gold and solve all puzzles to get key and unlock door lock to escape.
Gems Cave Adventure 2 Game

Plays: 2027
Category: Adventure
Explore cave and collect 8 gems, plus one ancient mask to activate stone block and escape. Good Luck!
Numbscape: Gems Room Escape Game

Plays: 2025
Category: Adventure
Search room for 4 hidden gems. Solve all puzzles to collect ten code papers. After all gems found, enter code in to the door lock and escape. Good Luck!
Gold Room Escape 9 Game

Plays: 2020
Category: Adventure
Another new part of Gold stealing room escape game. Your task is to search for useful items to solve puzzles to get seven pieces of gold and golden key. After all gold and key is collected, use key to escape from this house. Good Luck!
5 Diamonds Escape Game

Plays: 2007
Category: Adventure
Solve all puzzles in order to get 5 diamonds and key. You can escape only when all diamonds collected. Good Luck!
Bad Memory Escape 11 Game

Plays: 1991
Category: Adventure
You found yourself locked in big house. Explore rooms and collect usefull items to obtain 12 pieces of code... Escape outside and pickup tool to unscrew panels and get car key!
Christmas Ruby Room Escape Game

Plays: 1983
Category: Adventure
Explore Ruby Christmas room 2011, collect all valuable items unlock door lock and escape!
Numbscape: Gems Room Escape 5 Game

Plays: 1934
Category: Puzzles
Explore another part of Numbscape collect all door lock pass numbers and escape from this place. Good Luck!
Escape from Fort Z Game

Plays: 1932
Category: Adventure
You find yourself trapped in the fort. Explore this dark abandoned place, search for tools and solve puzzles in order to open all doors and escape to freedom...
Pink Ruby Room Escape Game

Plays: 1924
Category: Adventure
Explore pink Ruby rooms, search for pink jewerly by solving puzzles and collecting items. After all Ruby puzzles is solved and all items collected, get key and unlock locked door to escape. Good Luck!
Return to Jaunmoku Castle Game

Plays: 1913
Category: Adventure
Return to "Jaunmoku" castle adventure continues! Enter in to the castle from second entrance, explore and collect all gold and jewelry and golden key(9 items to collect). Good Luck!
Failed Memory Escape Game

Plays: 1907
Category: Adventure
Your memory have failed! You find yourself in a locked House. Solve puzzles and escape to freedom! Good Luck!
Collapsed Spaceship Game

Plays: 1903
Category: Adventure
Collect 11 energy crystals to obtain teleporter code card and teleport to safe place. Good Luck!
SGAE: 7 part 3 Game

Plays: 1899
Category: Adventure
This game continues story of "Steal Gold And Escape 7: part 2" you entered in to the abandoned building... Explore collapsed place, collect 8 pieces of gold and golden key to escape in to the next location. Good Luck!
Micro Bunker Escape Game

Plays: 1894
Category: Adventure
You were trapped in undeground bunker, solve puzlles in order to proceed further and escape. Good Luck!

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